How do you know if an Instagram store is trustworthy? avoid virtual scams

How do you know if an Instagram store is trustworthy?  avoid virtual scams

How do you know if an Instagram store is trustworthy? avoid virtual scams

Instagram has been increasingly used by micro and small entrepreneurs as a virtual showcase of their products and platform to reach new customers. In addition to the increase in online shopping during social isolation, the new app update also contributed to sales via the social network, giving more focus to stores in their interface through the Instagram Shop.

But with this growth, there is also an insecurity: how do you know if the Instagram store is trustworthy? The update of the social network now allows purchases through Instagram Shop – which were already made in the feed and in stories – directly through IGTV, facilitating transactions through the platform. Therefore, it is even more important to be careful not to fall into virtual scams and choose only trustworthy stores.

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To do this, Buscapé has separated some tips that can help you better select trusted stores on Instagram.

Check out tips to avoid scams when shopping on Instagram (Photo: Shutterstock)

1) Check if the store’s profile is not fake

Some malicious people create fake profiles for well-known stores or stores that don’t exist. Therefore, it is important to check if the profile is real before completing the purchase. A good way to do this is to check if the Instagram account has followers who usually interact with it and if it has a frequency of posts and photos of its own, which were not taken from Google.

To confirm the store’s reliability, you can also check if the profile has a website or physical stores. While this doesn’t always happen, it’s a good sign that you’re not falling for a scam. Also, big and famous stores often have verified profiles – with that blue stamp with the check symbol. Confirm that the establishment’s Instagram has this stamp before purchasing. (But that doesn’t mean that unverified profiles are necessarily fake, right?)

Always check if the store is trustworthy before making an Instagram purchase (Photo: Shutterstock)

2) Seek consumer reviews

The best way to assess whether the service provided by a store is reliable is to find people who have already shopped there. This can be done directly on Instagram, in store post comments or through hashtags used by the brand itself.

Also, sites like Complain here are a great tool for finding reviews and praise for stores. This type of platform can help you avoid scams or other unpleasant situations with unreliable traders.

3) Prefer to buy directly through Instagram Shop

To be on Instagram Shop, stores need to undergo a platform assessment and meet certain requirements, such as having their own website. Also, untrusted stores may be removed from the resource. Therefore, buying through Instagram Shop, instead of negotiating the transaction via direct message, can be an extra security.

4) Check payment methods and product prices

Everyone loves to shop at discounts or low prices, right? But when the price is too low, it can be a bad sign – especially if the store only accepts cash payment or transfers. That’s because credit card purchases are easier to track and therefore more secure.

In other words, to avoid virtual scams, check if the chosen store accepts credit card payments and if the prices are compatible with the market.

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