Haircutting techniques for professionals. Learn the best ones!

Haircutting techniques for professionals.  Learn the best ones!

Haircutting techniques for professionals. Learn the best ones!


A good haircut makes all the difference in the appearance of men and women. It can disguise some points of the face, in addition to giving volume and movement to the hair, as well as having the power to highlight places that could be disguised and still weigh the hair. So it is important to know all haircutting techniques.

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Therefore, there are several haircut techniques and each one of them must be applied with great care, so that the final result is pleasant and as expected by the client. Want to learn more about cutting techniques? So keep reading this post!

Cutting techniques: how to apply the right one to each type of hair

Every person has their most intrinsic characteristics and, with their hair, it couldn’t be different. Each type of hair, from straight to frizzy, has its unique aspects, which cannot be ignored when cutting. Check out now how to cut each type of hair to make your customers very satisfied without making mistakes!

Curly hair

Curly strands have been increasingly successful among women and men. Therefore, recently many female and male haircut techniques have emerged to meet the demand for curly hair.

This type of hair has as its main characteristic the shrinkage factor, which makes the strands stretch when they are wet and shrink after drying. Therefore, it is very important to cut them while they are dry. That way, you’ll be able to see how your hair will look and how it will look on a daily basis.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the volume of curly hair. This type of yarn has more and less voluminous areas and more curled strands than others. Thus, it is necessary to consider this point so that the trim of the cut is perfect and natural.

The most common when cutting curly wires is to use scissors, but if you decide to opt for a razor, you need to take some precautions. That’s because this instrument can leave hair looking spiky and dry if used incorrectly. Thus, the best way to cut this hair with a razor is to handle it in the direction of the fiber, to leave it intact, light and loose.

The most suitable male and female haircut techniques for people with curly hair are the peaked and layered models. Replicate the strands provides more movement and lightness and the subtle and spaced layers guarantee volume, while long and close layers reduce this bulkiness a little.

woman with curly hair

Smooth hair

Those who have straight hair have the incredible advantage of being able to use several types of styles and cuts. There is no single long or short haircut when it comes to this type of hair, however, there are some techniques that can enhance its natural characteristics even more.

The layered cut, also suitable for curly hair, can transmit more youthfulness and energy to the straight look. Ideally, it should also be layered and that the layers be spaced out, to reduce the volumes of thick and wavy smooth surfaces. However, people who have fine hair should stay away from this type of cut so that the strands do not lose even more movement.

For those who are attached to long-length hair, the pebbled at the front, between the tip of the chin and the shoulders, is a great option, in addition to the gradient haircuts. This style gives the hair more movement and creates a light frame around the face.

Woman with short hair and bangs

wavy hair

Wavy hair also has a wide range of cut options, with a straight base combined with a layered length being the most classic of them. The result of this style is a better distribution of the volume of the strands, ensuring incredible hair with a lot of movement.

Also, layers are great for giving definition to waves, so this cut helps kiss goodbye to that “half smooth, somewhat curly” look.

The chanel haircut looks beautiful in wavy strands and can be a great choice for women who prefer practicality and speed in their daily routine. It is important to remember that, like curly hair, wavy hair should be cut preferably dry, as it tends to be longer when wet.

woman with curly hair

Curly hair

It may seem easy to take care of frizzy hair, but actually it’s not. This type of yarn needs frequent hydration and a good cut to enhance its natural characteristics.

As with curly hair, the most suitable for curly hair is the layered cut. This style ensures movement to the hair and avoids the dreaded “pyramid” effect. In addition, it is important to be very careful when cutting to prevent the hair from ending up with split ends.

woman with black power

Choosing the ideal hairstyle for different types of face is among the haircutting techniques for beginners. It is very important to carry out a diagnosis of your client’s traits before starting the cut, so that the result is pleasant and as expected.

Round Face Haircut

The round face does not have a good marking of its angles and, therefore, a good cut can help to frame and frame the face better. To assist in this task, there are several types of cuts, from the shortest to the longest.


The Long Bob, in addition to being very sweet, can help balance the look of people with a round face, as the asymmetrical hair thins the face, in addition to lengthening the look.

Another style that also goes really well is the cut with layers that are very high on the front of the hair. This look will lengthen the silhouette, and can be done on both medium and long hair. So, you can be bold in cuts like the blunt cut, the double long bob, and the medium straight cut.

woman with short hair

Square Face Haircut

For square faces, the Long Bob is perfect for balancing the look and diverting attention away from the squared, chiseled jaw. In addition, hair with long layers can be a great option to give lightness and movement to the strands. Ideally, this cut starts below the chin to frame the face and soften the appearance of the jaw.

Furthermore, the fringe is an excellent tool to divert attention from the eyes and, therefore, it is the wild card when the desire is to highlight or disguise some point of the face. For square faces, the ideal fringe style is the long or curtain bangs style, both at the level of the cheekbones.

woman with short hair

Haircut for Oval Face

The oval face is one of the most democratic types and has in its range of options several types of cut, ranging from short to long.

The Chanel Reto cut is a classic that never goes out of style and goes very well with this type of face. In addition to it, the long strands peaked or cut in layers give a very special charm with a lot of movement and lightness to the look.

woman with short hair

Haircut for Heart Face

The heart-shaped face is slightly wider at the top and has sharp cheekbones. For this type of face, medium-sized cuts are ideal for smoothing the high cheekbones.

Keeping the strands in half can be a great hair split for cut to heart faces. That’s because this breakdown balances both sides of the face and helps frame better look.

Scarlett Johansson with short hair

Diamond Face Haircut

Also known as an inverted triangle, the diamond face has a small jaw and forehead and large cheekbones.

Cuts with volume are a great choice for women who have a diamond-shaped face. This volume will be responsible for drawing attention to you, disguising the chin and small foreheads, in addition to the high cheekbones.

The Joãozinho style also works very well for those who have this type of face. It gives a modern and bold style, in addition to giving a lot of modernity and elegance to the look. Besides him, the side bangs are excellent allies to disguise the accentuated points of this type of face.

The layered cut gives a special volume that disguises the volume of the cheekbones and forehead, in addition to giving movement and lightness to the look.

woman with short hair

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