Haircut for Thin Face

Photo montage of three thin-faced women

Haircut for Thin Face

Choosing the ideal haircut may not be an easy task. After all, to decide, you need to take into account several factors such as face shape, hair type, hair thickness, among other aspects. Regardless, it is clear that what counts most is your personal taste. In other words: the preference will always be for the cut that makes you feel amazing! But, if you want to take a look at the available options and what are the advantages of each one, we prepared this post with some haircut suggestions for a thin face.

Photo montage of three thin-faced women

Haircut Photos for Thin Face

First of all, it must be said that the thin face is one of the most democratic with regard to haircut. Therefore, you will hardly choose a cut that does not value you. In addition, you can also easily find many celebrities who have this same face shape, and can be inspired by the cuts chosen by them.

Montage three photos of thin-faced famous people

Some examples are international actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brittany Snow and Jenny McCarthy. Besides them, you can also be inspired by the businesswoman Kim Kardashiam and the model Gigi Hadid. In this selection alone, you already have some options for short and long cuts, for smooth and wavy yarns.

Fitting with thin-faced women

But of course we also have several famous Brazilians that you can use as examples. Some of them are model Izabel Goulart, actress Marina Ruy Barbosa and entrepreneur Camila Coelho.

Montage with three famous thin faces

types of faces

These inspirations are great for you (and your hairdresser) to get a sense of how you want your hair to look. But, as mentioned above, other issues must be taken into account. For starters, the shape of the face can end up interfering with the final result. Want an example? a thin face can be oval or square and for each of them, there are different suggestions.

  • thin oval face: This is definitely the easiest cut to decorate. To make sure your face falls into this group, make sure your chin is thin and your forehead is rounded.
  • thin rectangular face: The square face has a jaw lined in straight lines, where the forehead is about the same size as it.

Have you ever taken a look in the mirror and noticed that your face is oval? Don’t worry when choosing the cut, as they can all suit you well. In addition, you can also wear and abuse buns, ponytails, semi-up hairstyles and you can even bet on bangs. In this case, the shortest, straight, diagonal, frayed, long, among others are valid.

On the other hand, those who identified themselves with the thin rectangular face, the best choice are the hair with waves, which help make lines smoother. Regarding the cuts, give preference to long side bangs, which contour the face and avoid straight cuts.

thin and long face

Following the more specific haircut tips for thin faces, we have two suggestions for those who also have a long face and are a fan of short hair. The first is a great idea for anyone looking to bet on a fringe. In this case, it’s peaked, but the face with these features looks amazing with any fringe style. The shoulder length is perfect for those who want lighter and simpler hair care.

Thin Face Haircut with Fringe

On the other hand, below we have one of the favorite cuts of the moment: the long bob. This cut has a straight base and long ends. It’s perfect for anyone who wants more movement and volume. Not to mention that at this length, it highlights the face and gives a jovial air.

short blond hair

Long hair

From now on, we’re going to make selections so that you can find incredible inspirations, mainly considering the length you want. You already know that the thin face is one of the most democratic there is when it comes to haircuts. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of long, medium or short, you can still find incredible references to fine haircuts anyway. It is important to emphasize that the type of yarn does not interfere as much either, as they can be super smooth, wavy or curly.

Hair with streaks for thin face

Longer strands look amazing when cut in layers, in “U” or “V” for example. Another cool option is to bet on the fringe, be it straight or sideways.

Whoever has a thin face can bet on one of the most classic cuts that exist: the one with the division of the hairs in the middle of the head.

Long, straight hair for a thin face

long straight hair

long light brown hair

Long straight hair parted in the middle

straight hair with bangsThe fringe is also a great companion for those who have long, straight strands.Haircut for Face Long thinLayered cuts look amazing on women who want more movement in their hair.

thin-faced woman with long hair

Short hair

Now the time has come for those who love the short wires and need haircut references for thin face. Those with the split in the middle are also on the rise, especially among those with a shoulder-length fit. In this case, they can be either smooth or wavy. But that is not all. You can also bet on straight and side bangs or invest in a shorter cut like the pixie cut.

Short dark hair with light endsThe long bob cut is perfect for anyone with wavy hair.

short hair thrown to the side

Short hair with side bangsEmma Watson is a great example for anyone looking for haircut inspirations for a thin face.

Shoulder-length straight hair

Now, who is not afraid of taking risks and wants to mix two references, how about the short cut with long peaked bangs?

Blond hair with one side shorter than the other

Haircut with bangs

Short haircut with side bangs

short haircut

Haircut for thin wavy faceLights and Ombré Hair are great choices for those who want to lighten their look.

Curly hair

Of course we needed to create an exclusive topic for the owners of curly strands. And it’s important to note that they look even more amazing on thin faces, as they add extra highlights. Not to mention that, in this case, the hair is literally the face frame. Therefore, leave the wires free enough. Regardless of the length you choose, the result will be amazing!

Curly hair with blonde ends

Curly hair in a thin face

short curly hair

short curly hairThe short cut with side bangs is also a great choice for curly hair.curly bangsIf you’re wondering if you can fringe your curly hair, the answer is: absolutely!

woman with shoulder-length curly hair

With so many amazing references, you’ve certainly already decided what your new hairstyle will be. Regardless of your choice, the result will certainly be beautiful, even more so if you keep the hydrated and healthy threads. And if you want to take a look at other ideas of what to do with your highlights, why not check out our posts on 42 pink ombré hair inspirations, 50 girly mohawk tips, and 80+ easy-to-do hairstyles. Did you like this text, did you have any questions or have any suggestions? Do not forget to leave your comment!

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