Get inspired by your face shape to choose the haircut that enhances your features!

Get inspired by your face shape to choose the haircut that enhances your features!

Get inspired by your face shape to choose the haircut that enhances your features!

With the change of season and the inspirations to change the look, did you feel like repairing your hair from the post-summer damage and adopting a new cut or a new shade in the strands without damaging them? How about starting with a cut based on the shape of your face before taking a chance on dyes? Called visagism, this technique is also used in the micropigmentation of eyebrows and aims to make your look more in harmony with your physical characteristics. To help you make this decision, the purepeople he spoke with hairdressers Ale Crema, from Lima Lash salon, in São Paulo, Tiago Parente, from Tp Beauty Lounge, and Wellington Freitas, from Walter’s Coiffeur, both in Rio. Check it out!

Oval face looks good with any type of cut.

The oval face has as its main feature its elongated shape and no highlighted angle. Famous as Beyoncé, Carolina Dieckmann and Nathalia Dill have this facial shape. For professionals, this face allows for a wide variety of cuts!

Ale Crema: “The oval face is one of the luckiest ones because it goes well with any type of cut and texture, whether in curly, wavy or straight hair. You can put bangs, remove bangs, leave it long or short. As its structure is very harmonious and without any region topping, women can bet on any trend without fear.”

James Relative: “This is an intermediary between all face shapes, it balances each other and combines with a huge range of cuts. So, it’s best to bet on cuts that enhance your personality!”

Wellington Freitas: “They go with all types of cuts, but it’s no use having the ‘ideal’ face and not taking care of the hair. Therefore, I advise before cutting them to also invest in good hydration so that the new cut is highlighted in the visual. Cutting is no miracle!”

Frayed streaks match the triangular face

With the base of the forehead wider than the chin, the triangular face has as its main feature the prominent chin. This is the face of actresses Tais Araújo and Reese Witherspoon. Respondents are unanimous about disconnected cuts for this type of face.

Ale Crema: “The cuts that best match the triangular face are at chin height. The bangs also have to be chin-length and well frayed to give lightness to the cut.”

James Relative: “Asymmetrical cuts are the best solution, frayed ones look better. Curly and curly tresses should avoid straight strands.”

Wellington Freitas: “I think the shredded long bob is very good for the woman with the triangular face, who has long hair, wants to cut it, but doesn’t want a radical change either. I believe that as the cut is a little bigger in the front and with smaller layers back, it creates a more elongated face feeling.”

Medium and long strands are best for square face

Large forehead and chin are characteristic of the square face, which is the shape of actresses Alinne Moraes and Angelina Jolie. Hairstylists emphasize that the long strands enhance the striking expressions of this face shape.

Ale Crema: “Clean cuts with diagonal and scalloped bangs to smooth the striking features of the face and make the forehead smaller are the most indicated. The ideal is to leave this hair in medium or long length and the sides are well peaked so that they turn inwards. . Another tip to harmonize the angular region of this type of face is to opt for cuts that are cut and very light!”.

James Relative: “To prevent the face from becoming even more rectangular, bet on the long bob cut and fringe. Take advantage of the fact that they are in fashion and give a cooler air to the look. Long hair and waves soften the features”.

Wellington Freitas: “Long and straight strands end up being the most common option for women with square faces when cutting. This is because through medium and long strands it is possible to better balance the straight lines of this type of face. For those who want short hair, I think that the peaked bob also softens the expression as it is close to the chin line.”

Cuts that take the focus off the cheeks are ideal for the round face

Small, broad and with striking cheeks, the Brazilians Giovanna Antonelli and Isis Valverde are examples of women with round faces and specialists indicate cuts that do not show the cheekbones.

Ale Crema: “I recommend avoiding bulky cuts so that the cheekbones aren’t even more evident on the face. It’s worth betting on diagonal bangs, a little below the cheek and in a way that turns inward to disguise the fuller part of the face.”

James Relative: “Round face calls for hair with straighter lines, which cover the cheekbones and fuller cheeks to minimize the round effect. The ideal cut length for a round face is a little more below the chin to medium and long. Cuts that they give a ‘tuft’ appearance and the bangs help to elongate the face. Avoid short hair, as it gives even more volume near the cheeks, unless your idea is to show the shape of the face, because yes, nowadays anything is allowed !”

Wellington Freitas: “The trick, in this case, is to choose a cut that takes the focus off the cheeks. I think layered cuts are ideal. That way you can create angles that smooth the face and make the face more harmonious.”

(Per Helena Marques)

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