Funny phrases to rock photo captions

Funny phrases to rock photo captions

Funny phrases to rock photo captions

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Phrases surround our daily lives, if you log into Instagram immediately, you will probably find someone who has just shared a photo with a really cool caption. That’s why we’ve brought you 40 fun phrases for you to put in your photo caption or Whatsapp status or share with friends.

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So, check out the best phrases:

  1. I wear glasses because my eyes are so beautiful they need a window.
  2. Vanessa da Mata already said: there’s no way out…
  3. All right happening… as I didn’t plan.
  4. Early risers spend the day sleepy!
  5. I exchange texts for audios of less than two minutes.
  6. Living lying down for life doesn’t bring me down anymore.
  7. Waiting for the day when the humiliated will be exalted.
  8. If not to be late, I prefer not to go. I arrive late, but never ugly.
  9. We have alcohol in common.
  10. With Enem’s grade, can you be accepted as the love of your life?
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  11. Everything I love most in life is expensive, fattening or visual and doesn’t respond!
  12. I need your help, my cell phone doesn’t work well because I don’t have your number.
  13. Do you believe in love at first sight or do I need to get past you more than once?
  14. You become eternally good for the bullshit you avoid.
  15. Every day a different “jerk” in my life.
  16. Today I woke up so beautiful that when I went to yawn, I meowed.
  17. Not available for people who send long audios.
  18. Friday is the December of the week. (Leandro Neko)
  19. Willingness to take my two reais and leave.
  20. Sympathy to earn money: wake up early, shower and go to work.
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    Wait, it’s not over yet!

  21. If time healed, pharmacies would sell watches.
  22. Give me the number of your opinion, maybe one day I’ll call her
  23. On falling in love: My share I want in cash
  24. Calm down, everything passes! Even if it’s over the top, but it passes.
  25. You have to love people like it was Friday
  26. Follow your dream. Stay asleep.
  27. If it’s my fault, I’ll put it on whoever I want. (Homer Simpson)

  28. I went to look in the mirror and saw the love of her life.
  29. Over time I learned the meaning of love for others. Do not love me? Next!
  30. Marital Status: Enjoying solo career with special guest appearances.
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    Finally, see some more:

  31. I never make the same mistake twice… I make it like five times, just to make sure it’s really wrong!
  32. There are three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way and my way, which is the same as the wrong way, only faster. homer Simpson
  33. In the land of Whatsapp, connection is proof of love.
  34. I’m about to dress up in pokemon to see if anyone looks for me.
  35. Tell me who you’re dating and I’ll tell you who I’m jealous of.
  36. If boredom is a trend, I’m in fashion today.
  37. Make your fears as scared as you are when you open your credit card statement!
  38. Dating is a matter of beauty and patience. If it works, great! But if it doesn’t, so be it!
  39. Research shows that if you don’t get out of bed, nothing will happen.
  40. Life is like an elastic sheet, when you fasten it on one side, loose it on the other.

Also, if you are passionate about phrases and are looking for more for your photo captions, we have the solution. Here, we have 70 options for romantic phrases or for photo captions with the child (a) and finally, overcoming. So, be sure to check the other options, after all, they are amazing phrases.

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