fresh green for fumé dial

Sensitive to traditional know-how, Moser therefore revisits its emblematic fumé dials by highlighting the ancestral technique of enamelling, which it modernizes by making it part of the times. Giving birth to a new intense color, with tangy freshness and a unique hammered texture!

In a 40 mm steel case, the Endeavor Center Seconds Concept Lime Green model is a “three-hand” watch. Starting from a gold base on which a pattern is grained, as if hammered, three different colors of pigments previously washed and then very finely ground are applied in gradations on the dial.

It takes about an hour of painstaking work for the artisan enameller to delicately deposit the pigments, arranging them one by one so that the colors oxidize and merge together, without however pixelating, during the oven. A total of twelve firings are required to obtain a dial in translucent grand feu enamel presenting the famous smoky gradient effect unique to Moser!

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