Find out which hairstyle suits your face, depending on the shape

Find out which hairstyle suits your face, depending on the shape - OIL

Find out which hairstyle suits your face, depending on the shape – OIL

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Looking for a way to freshen up your look, but not sure which hairstyle will best enhance your face?

Discover the secrets to choose the ideal hairstyle that will make you impress. These are tips that will reveal what best matches and beautifies each face shape, as well as what you should avoid in your new haircut.

What is the ideal haircut for a round, plump or sassy face

Round face haircuts

If your face doesn’t have obvious angles, especially on the chin, and it’s about the same height and width, it’s round. This means that the haircuts that flatter you the most are the ones that will create the illusion that it’s longer and will smooth out intense faces.

Hair length is not restrictive as there are haircuts short enough for round faces that can look as impressive as medium-length or long hair.

A good option to achieve this effect is the high volume haircut on top of the head. They make the face look more oval and visually reduce its roundness. However, be careful, the volume should not be high in the cheekbones or chin. That’s why it’s good to avoid intensely curly hair. Alternatively, choose wavy or light curls.

But equally long hair or asymmetry creates an equally charming result. They draw attention to the lower part of the face, away from the intense cheekbones.

Also ideal is a haircut with side bangs or innocence that is split in half (curtain bangs). These elements add style while covering the cheeks and creating the missing corners of the round face. However, what you should keep in mind is that fringe-type naiveties have a great slope, but not more than the height of the chin.

The female haircuts that don’t flatter round faces are straight-lined, like the classic frame, but also those with chin length. Furthermore, direct innocence must be avoided. They tend to reduce the height of a round face, emphasizing the cheeks more and making them appear wider.

Flattering female haircut for oval face

Haircuts for oval face

The oval (oval) shape of the face is considered by specialists as ideal, as it does not have sharp angles and maintains balance. Its width is similar on the forehead and chin, while on the cheekbones it is a little wider.

Therefore, women with an oval face have more options for their hair. They can play with the length, choosing from very short to very long, as long as the cup they choose doesn’t add to the shape of their face.

So the basic rule of thumb for finding the perfect haircut for an oval face is to emphasize your striking features and highlight your personality and style.

If choosing a uniform length, such as the classic frame with a divider in the middle, isn’t to your liking, you can take the look off by adding fringe or innocence. But the proposal for frizzy hair is equally interesting.

Beautiful short or long haircuts for a square face

Haircut for square face

A square face is characterized by sharp angles to the chin and approximately the same width as the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw.

The haircut that fits this face shape will elongate your face and smooth your sharp corners. Of course, this is not absolute! There’s always the option of emphasizing the square chin, highlighting it with a nice haircut.

Therefore, depending on whether or not you want to emphasize the corners of your face, you will proceed with selecting the appropriate haircut.

So if you want to smooth out the square shape, you should make a less geometric haircut that won’t emphasize them. In this case, it is preferable that the hair length is from the chin down. Otherwise, it tends to draw attention to the jaw, emphasizing more sharp corners.

Alternatively, you can invest in flirtatiousness and soft noses that favor a square face. But with the basic condition that the nose starts under the chin.

Equally charming are the rounded haircuts, which soften the corners. These are the ones that have volume at the top of the head or long enough because they tend to increase it.

Adding a side bangs or naivety that goes to the temples is an ideal choice. It tends to apparently reduce the large, broad forehead and draws attention to the eyes by pulling it away from the jaw.

But be careful, naiveties shouldn’t be straight and dense, as they will further frame the shape of the face and reduce its height.

Stunning haircuts at any length for a long, elongated face

Haircuts for an elongated face

If your face is the same width across the forehead, cheekbones, and chin, even though its length is obviously longer than its width, then its shape is long. This means that the straightest female haircuts are the ones that give the illusion of being shorter and wider, approaching the oval.

How you do it?

Choose haircuts that go to the shoulder and don’t fall down. Very long hair, especially when it is straight and of even length, tends to add height to the face, which is not recommended.

Therefore, the ideal idea is the frame and especially the long ones. In fact, if you combine it with fringe, innocence or filarism, the result is even more charming. Be careful though, there shouldn’t be too much volume on top of the head as this will add even more height to the face.

If you still want a long haircut, you can go for it, as long as you balance the situation by adding a haircut or noses that fit the face. That way you add volume to your hair and make your face look wider.

An interesting suggestion to style your haircut is the addition of bangs or innocence. It tends to hide part of the forehead, making it look smaller and limiting the overall elongated image of the face.

More specifically, the innocence that befits a long face is almost all, with the long ones that become even longer on the sides being more flattering. Unless, of course, you have a small cuticle, in which case it will further emphasize the long shape of your face. So it would be good to avoid innocence in general.

The ones you should avoid are baby bangs, as they emphasize the length of the face more and make it look even longer.

If you still prefer the fringe, the side or curtain fringe is ideal for you. They again create an apparently shorter face.

Which haircut is best for a heart-shaped face

Heart Shaped Haircut

One of the most distinctive face shapes is the heart. This is the person who has a narrow, pointed chin, while the forehead and cheekbones are wider.

To normalize its shape and make it more oval, you should try haircuts that don’t emphasize the lower part of the face while reducing the width of the cuticle. Therefore, the volume at the top of the head is a very good idea. Equally effective, however, is curly hair.

A side bang or curtain bang that starts at the eyebrow and ends at the cheekbones or below can help to hide the broad forehead somewhat. Also, this element tends to emphasize your eyes more. In this way, attention is directed towards the middle of the face and not towards its extremities.

In terms of length, the haircuts that reach below the chin are very flattering. More specifically, shoulder-length hair tends to make the chin wider.

If you still like haircuts, choose one with volume on top of the head.

What haircuts go into a triangular face

Triangular face haircuts

Opposite the heart shape is the triangular face. This means he has a wider, straighter chin, while narrowing as he moves towards his forehead.

In this case, haircuts that will soften the lower part of the face will make it thinner, while giving more width to the temples.

A beautiful proposal is the long hair that goes to the shoulders. Alternatively, you can choose longer haircuts with intense filaments that will add volume to the temples and crown. Equally beautiful, however, is the philarous cut that will take your eyes off the lower part of your face.

Alternatively, you can play with the colors of your hair, but also its division to create a stunning look.

Haircuts that go into a diamond-shaped face

Diamond haircuts on the face

The diamond face is considered one of the special shapes. It is characterized by a narrow, pointed chin and forehead, while its cheekbones are broad. For this reason, the hairstyle you choose should smooth your sharp corners and make it a little wider.

An ideal choice is medium length or longer haircuts with a nose. They balance the face image, camouflaging the cheeks and making the chin less intense.

Late bangs or curtain bangs are equally effective. They hide the narrow forehead and cheekbones, highlighting the pointed jaw.

Also, it’s recommended to avoid straight, dense innocence as they make your face appear shorter and further emphasize the broad edge of your cheeks.

Tips for haircuts based on specific facial features

In addition to the shape of the face, certain features, such as a large forehead or a large nose, also play an important role in choosing the hairstyle that will take away your appearance.

So, what hairstyle will best emphasize your face’s strengths, drawing your eyes away from those strengths?

Ideal female haircuts for a big forehead

Female haircut for big forehead

If your forehead is big, it would be good to choose a hairstyle with innocence, bangs and generally details that camouflage your size and make you look smaller.

Alternatively, you can play with your farewell, which, again, can hide a large forehead a bit. Try, for example, a deep side split, which is also a big trend for the season.

Haircuts that match big noses

Haircuts that match big noses

If the strong point of the face is in the center, as in the case of the big nose, try to make a cut that takes attention away from there and focuses on the outline.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid hair that is longer than the chin. They leave your face uncovered and emphasize your features. Prefer one with a longer length.

If you want to style your hair more, choose innocence, bangs or nose.


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