Female haircut in Itaim

Female haircut in Itaim

If you’re thinking about changing your look, surely the most important part is finding the ideal professional to perform the female haircut according to your preferences, style and shape of your face.

It is worth remembering that the options for female haircut they are as varied as women’s own tastes and, therefore, there is no right and wrong, but the ideal cut that perfectly adapts to your style, routine and the concept of beauty that is formed by each individual throughout life.

And, if you were looking for that professional and local, you’ve just found it!

We have professionals who have inherited all the technique of their predecessor Masuaki, in addition to a professional visagist, who, together with you, will help you find the ideal cut.

Various options for women’s haircuts
This topic will list some of the most common orders among customers looking for female haircut:

• Classics: These are the cuts that never go out of style and are timeless, as they are never out of date and are constantly revisited by our professionals. The long ones in V or with straight base and the chanel are beautiful examples and go with women of all ages;

• Modern: Characterized by the presence of asymmetrical edges and layers, chopped and cut with the help of serrated scissors, cutting machines and razors, the modern cuts are ideal for relaxed people who want to bet on a younger and bolder look;

• versatile: Some details are present in the most varied cuts, from classic to modern, and are reinvented to always maintain sophistication, such as the fringes, which have long, peaked, very short, straight, full, thin, geometric versions, among others, that help to create a unique look for each female haircut.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how varied hairstyles can be, don’t hesitate to contact us and find the one that best suits your face and style. We are sure to have the right cut for you!

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