Father is the Creator

Father is the Creator - Thinker

Father is the Creator – Thinker

A father who abandons his child is not worthy to be called a father. Father pays attention, father is there for when your child needs it. It’s not about material possessions, it’s about affection, presence and love. It is very painful to see a child needing just a little attention from his father and he pretending he doesn’t even know. A father who is a father will always be present in his son’s life. Even if he is no longer a baby!!!!👧👶👴😢

Yolanda Diamond

Father and mother are the ones who love, care and nurture, the rest is biology!

Jacques Khalil

Father is the one who creates and not the one who puts it into the world. Father is a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero. BEING a father is not just about putting it in the world, paying a meager pension (when it is paid) and thinking that the child survives on just that amount.

A father is not just the one who posts a picture on facebook or status boots on whatsapp that he loves his son, he really loves him! Father laughs, cries and corrects along with mother. Father doesn’t leave and then comes back wanting to show that he cares! Father nowadays is a rare role!

For those of you really, happy Father’s Day. ♥️

Thiarles Yan

The true father is the one who creates, educates and loves unconditionally, the rest is a giver!

Daniel Gusmão (DG)

There are those who say that the father is the one who creates, not the one who generates.

Father can also be the older sibling taking care of the younger siblings.
Father can be a sovereign nation, which welcomes and does everything best for its children of all classes, creeds and ethnicities.
There are those who have lost their father.
Due to illness, accident or any of the many tragedies that surround our lives. And which we firmly believe will never, never happen.
There are those who have the father present in life, but not present in a moral way.
There are those who have the figure of a father in the eyes of a stranger.
And there are still those who believe that the father doesn’t worry, that he doesn’t have longing, love or any feelings to show.
But not all parents do their demonstrations.
Or because they are far away. Or simply having no way with words.
I see that when someone becomes a father, it is often said that all other segments of life become insignificant. That little piece of people changed his life. Your way of looking at the world around you.
Some just disappear.
Leave no traces.
Or as mentioned above, they are there, close, but they do not care about those who brought life.
Nobody is perfect.
Children don’t have any perfection.
Why would parents have to?
The greatest sadness for a father is to lose his son.
For the children, losing the father is ending a part of the whole long story…
A father, with his faults and qualities, will always be a father.
It doesn’t matter if he (unfortunately) left you.
We know that feelings are not craftsmen that can be used in any way we want.
But we all make mistakes.
Consciously and unconsciously.
If you are a parent, try to do your best.
And the best part is in their moral actions, in affection, love and respect.
Forget the material goods that society tries to push on its children. Make them see that life is not just that. It’s something money can’t buy.
They are like words that can be said and taken to the four corners of the world in search of a better life for parents and children.
A father is anyone who wants the good of others.
For the children, the parents, they always find themselves in the wrong position.
But the same will happen to children if they ever become parents.
They will realize that games, movies, music and any other fact of their time was always better.
And this he will try to put in his children’s heads.
A cycle that will find no end.
It’s your father.
No matter the mistakes. It doesn’t matter anyway. After all, you make them too. With your friends, strangers, and on so many other occasions.
We all make mistakes.
Father is the one who creates?
If that were the case, then the world would be a very different place.
Your father is your father.
Always remember this. Never deny it.
And never, never exclude him from your heart, even if he is far away and at the same time so close.
It doesn’t matter if another man has taken your father’s place.
For under no circumstances will this other one take his place.
After all, we are unique.
May all parents be able to live in peace with their children.
And that both, say at least once in life:
I love you!

LL Santos

Near or far, by consideration or by blood, a father is the one who raises you, loves you, calls you a child, gives you real hugs, advice, was and is part of your life, memories, scoldings, conciliations, forgiveness… of everything. And the name says it all:
P-protection and


I learned that not everyone who claims to be a father is a real father himself is the one who raises and cares with love and affection
I learned that not everything in the universe is true, phrases and words are usually driven to lull dreams into the night.
I learned that someone will always be missed, but that they can be replaced.

Iria Horn

Happy every father’s day.
Happy day of the father who gives life, the father who raises, the father who cares, the father who feeds, the father who educates, the father who protects, the father who carries, the father who prays, the father who eyes look, from the father who instructs, from the father who encourages, from the father who guides and walks together, from the father who is present, from the father who repents, from the father who understands, from the father who supports and lends a hand, from the father who he knows how to say no, from the father who prepares and advises, from the father who hugs, from the father who makes fun, from the father who knows his son, from the father who falls asleep, from the hero father, from the father who is in heaven, from the father who he says yes and makes a new end, from the father of courage, from the father who fights, from the father who teaches the value of life and the value of love.
Congratulations to our father each day.
Nara Nubia Alencar Queiroz


August month of parents but just to remind you dad is the one who raises not the one who does

navi saints

⁠Father is the one who generates, the genetic and spiritual record of the arrival of a new human being is not something that can be disregarded. Life comes from the father and is gestated in the mother, who is the door to the world.
But a father is also the one who accepts for himself the mission of creating, teaching, training a person with the conditions to conduct himself well in this same world, planting paternal love in his own heart and cultivating the filial one.
And I had and do have some parents in this passage through Earth. I am grateful to each one who, in their own way, taught me and teaches me the lessons that I apply today in my turn to fulfill this mission.

Jean Bonazoni

6:4 And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites, who love to stand and hypocritically pray in temples and on street corners, for they pray only for the sake of their selfishness and for the impression they make on people.
6:5 When you pray, you must invoke the Omnipotence of your own Spirit (your Consciousness) and not babble illusory nonsense as do deist worshipers, deity worshipers, the ignorant, and the selfish, for they think they are heard when using many words.


Billy Meier

Updating a maxim: “Father is not the one who puts it into the world, it’s the one who creates… Homeland is not the one in which you are born, it’s the one that welcomes you and gives you the opportunity to be someone.”

Focus of Thought: African DNA of 2018 world champion players from France.

Celso Corrêa de freitas

Father is not the one who does, father is not the one who creates, father is the one who participates…

Matthew Ceara

Happy day to each of our fathers.
Happy day of the father who gives life, of the father who creates; From the father who cares, from the father who feeds, from the father who nurtures;
From the parent who educates, from the parent who protects, from the parent who lifts, from the parent who carries;
From the father who prays, from the father who looks into the eyes;
From the parent who instructs, from the parent who evolves;
From the father who forwards and walks together;
From the father who repents, from the father who understands, from the father who supports and the hand stretches out;
From the father who knows how to say no, from the father who advises and pays attention;
From the father who embraces, from the father who makes fun;
From the father that his son knows, from the father who falls asleep at his side;
From the hero father, from the father that the positive builds;
From the father who says yes and composes a new ending;
From the courageous father, from the fighting father, from the father who teaches that the best thing in life is to be valued and have love.
From the surrogate father, and even so, he ceases to be the best father;
The father present, the father who is gone and is in heaven, but his indelible memory, will always be faithful, in the minds and hearts of people.
Congratulations to our father each day.

Nara Nubia A Queiroz

Father is not only the one who does, but the one who creates, who participates and who gives love and affection;

Julio Aukay

A father is an eternal love. A mother eternal love now when we marry we create one flesh a single two-faced feature that becomes not just a two-faced feature, so when two faces join one single feature we love loving the neighbor who is sharing our only flesh like that we learn to love our person our only person formed by two fleshes when we marry there is only one institution that love unites the values ​​of two people to one, thus making a single person a single flesh. value who GOD gave prati.

Daniel Henrique Willms See more

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