Every haircut can be fixed

Every haircut can be fixed


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On 10/31/2007

The powers of scissors are incalculable. You walk into the salon, hand your head into the hairdresser’s hands, and expect to come out of there blissful minutes later. The devil is that mood swings, which do happen, aren’t always all that positive. Sometimes all you dream about is going back in time and undoing the snippets. It took me six months to let my hair grow, something I hadn’t done for 12 years, says 29-year-old therapist Camila Naona.

A month ago, I decided to go to the salon to pick up the ends and make a little bangs. But the hairdresser freaked out and left me with a mushroom in the

head. I freaked out! , he claims still angrily. She cried (actually, with tears and sobs), complained, went back to the salon… and ended up having to settle for a cutie cut, the only possible alternative to alleviate the problem immediately. (find the best care for your hair)

If you’ve already experienced this aesthetic violence, however, be aware that there are some solutions that can work around the most common problems (such as too much volume, too short bangs or bangs that resemble a shuddering bird). Owner of a sophisticated beauty institute in São Paulo, psychologist Eliana Brunelli Yazbek knows this and does everything to avoid nervous breakdowns among her clients. A long conversation, before any procedure, is essential, he says. This is important for the client to feel more secure and for the professional to explain if the cut is really suitable for the type of hair and face she has.

But when the chat does not fulfill its prophylactic function and emergency measures are necessary, Eliana’s tips are a good anti-trauma option. Check, save and hope you never need any of them.

1. After I washed the brush, my jabbing was too much.
The problem is absolute champion of claims. Normally, the cut is beautiful with the help of the dryer, but a spray of water is enough for everything to fall apart. A way to avoid? If the cut looks good with the brush, then the hairdresser might have asked if you are in the habit of doing this (alone or even in the salon). If the answer were yes, there would be no crisis. It is the hairdresser’s obligation to talk about maintaining the cut, explaining what will be necessary in each case, says Eliana. Well, when the damage has already been done, there are basically two options left: the first one is to cut more, removing the excess of pebbled. For frizzy hair, some type of relaxation can also alleviate excess volume. Let no one be mad at me, but hair grows. So, an easy solution is to simply walk around with him in jail for a few months and wait, he says. (Make a brush like the one in the salon at home)

2. My bangs don’t even cover half of my forehead, it’s so short. I looked like an idiot!
Most professionals prefer to cut the strands still wet. This prevents the ends from becoming misaligned and makes splitting evenly easier. The problem? Yes, you guessed it: when it dries, it shrinks. In length, this difference doesn’t usually give a lot of zebra. But on the fringe, things get complicated. To avoid anger, the tip is to cut the bangs with two or three fingers to spare the size you imagine (the more curly the hair, the bigger the excess has to be). When it comes to living with evil, however, the key is to explore creativity. Wear the fringe to the side and fasten it with buckles; put some tiaras or a band of fabric with the long ends, falling down the back, suggests Eliana. She also proposes a topknot armed with gel or ointment for those who have more daring tendencies.

3. The shreds have turned down the volume, and my hair has become unsightly.
Whoever has very fine and smooth hair suffers from the problem.
Sometimes, the shreds that should give more movement end up shrinking the look. In order not to be dependent on mousses or ointments, an alternative is to submit the threads to some dye. Colors and highlights thicken the hair, giving more

charm and, at the same time, a little volume, teaches Eliana.

4. The hair was too short to pin, but with a lot of volume.

A relaxation is the best option. The only problem is that the very short strands start to make a difference soon, requiring frequent retouching of the root (unless yours is smooth). If you don’t want to do any chemical-based treatment, the way is to get by with accessories while the strands don’t grow. Swap the elastic with the barrettes and clips to control your hair’s flowing tendencies.

5. The strands near the face have been frayed and are beautiful, but they are breaking a lot.

To ensure your hair will grow back without breaking, the solution is to moisturize and rebuild weekly. You can do this in the salon, the first few times, and ask the hairdresser for indications of products to use at home. Making a new cut in two months is also essential to remove the frayed ends. But be aware: do not let the professional unravel the strands on this occasion, warns the owner of Brunelli Yasbek Instituto de Beleza. (progressive honey moisturizes hair)

6. I tried making lights, but they were too bright.
The first attitude is to analyze if there was an excess of discolored strands or if the bleached strands remained under chemical action for too long. The first case is much simpler to solve: just separate some strands and dye them a little darker, forming a gradient. If what bothers you, however, is a very strong blonde, ask the hairdresser to do an opposite reflex. It will darken the strands with a colorant, a product without ammonia and, therefore, can be used on the same day that you underwent the treatment. (retouch the dye at home)

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