Does Shay Mitchell Eat Meat?


What is Shay’s routine?

Shay likes to work out in the morning, so a 30-minute routine is typically one of the first things she does when she wakes up. She’s also not super hungry right away, which means her breakfast comes when her stomach starts rumbling post-sweat sesh. “I make the same breakfast every day,” Shay explains.

Shay needs all kinds of fuel to keep up her killer fitness game—and she’s not a picky eater. “My food philosophy is everything in moderation,” Shay tells Women’s Health. “Truly, I’m not one who believes in diets.”.

In short, Shay loves snacking. “I’ll usually have vegetables cut up with hummus,” she says. “I love hummus with anything; I mean everything with hummus just tastes better, you know?” Yes, I’m a hummus fiend too, so I know.

What is Mitchell’s favorite meal?

She has heart-healthy protein for dinner. Shutterstock. To end the day, Mitchell typically enjoys a piece of fish and some vegetables, although she’ll sometimes prepare herself some pasta or a sweet potato, too. Her go-to dinner at the moment is a piece of baked sea bass topped with garlic, paprika, and cayenne and paired with a salad.

For lunch, Mitchell uses a cauliflower or broccoli pizza crust to create her own healthy pie. “I’ll dump some spinach and arugula on it, and then a little bit of ranch,” she explains, adding that daughter will typically have some of what she eats, too.

The star’s plan is way simpler to stick to than you’d think—and there’s no deprivation required. Shay Mitchell has transformed her body over the past few months, taking time to prioritize her physical and mental wellbeing after gaining weight in quarantine. ” [I] a pact with myself that 2021 would be different.

Mitchell typically works out before eating, then fills up on healthy protein when she finds herself hungry, telling Women’s Health that she has the exact same breakfast every single day.

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