Does Chick-Fil-A Sell Frozen Chicken?

There aren’t many foods that taste better when they’re frozen during the cooking process, and customers at Chick-fil-A can rest assured that their chicken will never be frozen when it hits the fryer or grill.

Now to clarify, the chicken is frozen when delivered to each Chick-fil-A restaurant, but it’s fully thawed before the cooking process ever begins (and never pre-breaded). In fact, each piece of chicken is moved from the freezer to the fridge and allowed to thaw for a full 24 hours before ever hitting the fryer or grill.

Chick-fil-A has locations in 47 states. Chick-fil-A restaurant. Unfortunately, Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont can’t partake of the beloved chicken brand. 6. The company will always remain private.

This unofficial menu of tasty combinations and secret items includes a chicken quesadilla, a root beer float, a Buffalo chicken sandwich, a double decker sandwich, cheese fries, grilled cheese, a spicy chicken biscuit, and more, according to Country Living. 13. Since 2003, the first 100 guests at each new Chick-fil-A get free food for a year.

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