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Distant Friends - Thinker

Distant Friends – Thinker

distant friendship


We are far and at the same time so close…
The friendship that unites us can bridge all distances.

She is stronger than time. yes she could cross
the immensity of space and transcending the limits of life.

Yes… How strong she is, because this friendship nothing and no one
will destroy. May it last as long as our souls exist…

As neither distance nor time nor even
our mistakes, end our friendship.

Nothing is more valuable than her.


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One day you learn that true friendships continue to grow, even over long distances. And what matters is not what you have in life, but who has it in life. Learn that we don’t have to change friends if we understand that friends change.

Veronica Shoffstall


Long friendships continue to grow, even over long distances.

Veronica Shoffstall

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Distance is like the winds: it blows out the candles and lights the great fires.

François La Rochefoucauld

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Best friends
are those that, even from a distance, do not let us,
are the ones that regardless of everything will support you,
are the ones that go through the good times and the bad,
are the ones that make you smile not at times, but at difficult times not to see you cry.
They are the ones that do idiocies together, that the game never ends.
They are the ones that make small moments worth a lot,
he is simply the one who teaches us the value of trust.
Best friends are forever and ever <3
I love that I love these guys *-*
Friends are a gift from God, and I am always grateful for their friendship.


True friends?

Real friends I don’t know if I have,
I believe in true friendship,
But at the moment she misses me!
I miss what happened…
Side conversations, sudden discussions,
Hot laughs, tight hugs,
Embarrassed laughs, desperate cries…
Ah, my friends…
We used to say catch phrases, but in the end they were more than true…
A simple: “I LOVE YOU” became a big statement…
In moments of despair it was theirs, only theirs was my time…
We were not afraid of the misinterpretation of others.
For us what matters is how we felt about each other…
I miss all the lost looks,
But found by real friends.
I know that in time we will get lost among each other.
When our children ask:
“Who are these people?”

Longingly, but proudly, I will answer:
— They are my old friends!
With time, contact will be more difficult.
However, in thoughts we will always be close!

Beatriz Brum


True friends are forever because…
No matter the distance,
in the heart they will always be close.
no matter the differences,
in the heart they will always have a point of agreement.
no matter the fights,
in the heart there will always be room for forgiveness.
no matter the circumstances,
there will always be a shoulder to lean on,
hands to help,
eyes to see and cry with joy and pain,
mouths to express truths and smile.
Friends, true are forever, because
when two hearts join, forming one,
GOD manifests there, through love
and love is stronger than death,
he is benign, patient, everything suffers, believes, overcomes.
he doesn’t brag, he doesn’t get puffed up, he just… loves.
indeed, it remains.

Alessandra SL Nascimento

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Never give up on a friendship or a great love just because distance has separated you; be patient like the sun and the moon, for when they meet they form one of the most beautiful phenomena in the universe.


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The distance between friendship and love can be the distance of a kiss.

André Felipe

True friendship is one that time does not erase, distance does not separate and evil cannot destroy.



Geographical distance does not hinder a friendship
What hinders is the closed heart, hurt
Open heart, time and distance don’t count.
But what counts is the affection, the complicity that you have
No matter the color or any other difference
What matters is that you are in my heart
And it will only come out when you ask me to open the door
The distance does not move away, it brings closer
Makes you want to see the sparkle in your eyes
the smile on the lips
to know the thoughts
to know what you have been doing
To ask how are you?
Distance does not mean forgetting
But see you soon, see you anytime
Distance teaches me to realize that friendships
They sprout in the places we least expect
Or imagine…
Distance also makes us meet people
wonderful and special… Just like you!
I love my friends from the bottom of my heart


Friendship is when the distance of many kilometers is not able to drive away people you like… it is knowing how to express in words everything you feel in your soul… it is being able to share every pure feeling of your heart with those who accept you … is wishing all the best to someone who is part of your life… even though you are inside a screen… because the true strength of friendship overcomes the barriers of any difficulty.

Jared Hassan

When love or friendship is true it lasts forever, no matter the distance, crises and fights that unite them is stronger.
One day, you will realize that the real ones will be on your side, even when you least deserve it.
Real friendship is like that: until death do us part.

Lenilson Xavier

A great friendship stays in our hearts forever, despite the distance and the constant absence, because true friendship is not built, it is recognized.

Eneas Milk

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Friendship is like the stars; even from a distance they shine!


A relationship can end, but a friendship doesn’t. Be careful about distancing yourself from your friends because of a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Gabriel Macedo Lima

What God unites by the feeling of true friendship becomes eternal. There is no distance, no pauses, no silences that make them smaller. When the same light hits two different hearts, they become just one heart.

Golden Cleonium

There are people who become so special in our lives,
that neither distance nor the dust of time is able to remove it from within us.
It’s people who enter without asking permission,
it captivates our affection and makes a permanent home in our heart.
People who are always present,
for the simple fact of knowing that you are loved without restrictions…
Who knows that love goes far beyond any barrier or prejudice.
Who knows how to accept defects and failures without criticizing,
because you understand that perfection does not exist, except to love unconditionally without questions…
Just love!
It’s the kind of people who make my days worth it!
That steal from me smiles and share laughs and even when far away they are present.
It’s people who sit next to my heart in every sunset that I appreciate,
that comes in the smell of the sea air that I inhale
or hitchhiking on the whistle of the wind…
People who miss you…
People who know how to LOVE like PEOPLE!

Tania L Camargo

I understand, it wouldn’t be easy to keep love at a distance. Because the nostalgia would hit harder. But every mile that separates us walking and traveling to you would be worth all the effort because I would be looking for true love.

Because I love you so much I hope you are happy with whoever you think is right. I even remember our first conversation, it’s been 1 year since we met, a strong friendship aroused that over time began to grow and blossom a love so great that I can’t explain it. I don’t want this love to destroy everything that grew. You gave me advice and strength to bear the sorrows I shared with you.

I was so happy to know that the person I so admire really loved me. For that reason I don’t want to let this friendship get lost and the love I have so much for you, don’t forget that love; I don’t want to forget, but always remember those moments.

Paulo Antonio

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