Direct wholesale from the factory in São Paulo

clothing factories in sp

Direct wholesale from the factory in São Paulo

You are looking for clothing factories in SP to buy wholesale? So here I’m going to show you some examples of places where you can buy clothes in São Paulo to resell!

At clothing factories in São Paulo they are among the most sought after in Brazil by retailers looking for products to work with. Of course, it is possible to find a great diversity of large and small industries dedicated to the manufacture of clothing in São Paulo and it is up to you to analyze the best way forward.

Currently, there are a very large number of small shop owners who leave small towns, even in the interior of Brazil, to go to cities like São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and many other capitals to buy clothes that will be resold in their own stores.

So to try and show some of these small clothing factories in sp, I decided to create this brief article for today.

Why buy clothes in São Paulo?

The main reason why many resellers leave their city and go to São Paulo to look for factories where they can buy their products is, precisely, the more accessible price and the convenience in finding a great diversity of products.

So you can find specific factories that manufacture underwear, womenswear, menswear, unisex clothing and much more.

All of this is very favorable to the dealer who wants to find a large number of specialized factories, where he can buy his own products with some ease and supply that need quickly.

In many small towns, it is practically impossible to find good companies to buy quality products to resell and that is why many look for clothing factories in São Paulo or even factories in large textile hubs, such as the Divinópolis clothing factories in Goiânia or Fortaleza which are also well known.

clothing factories in sp

Clothing factories in SP

São Paulo is a very large city and, consequently, there are a large number of factories and small manufacturers of garments for those who work with retailers.

But to give you some basic options, I’ve selected here some examples of clothing industries in SP where you can browse and buy:

1. Dayse Confections

Address: Rua José Paulino, 272 – Bom Retiro, São Paulo/SP.

Telephone: (11) 3331 – 0594

2. Women’s Clothing Grande Brás Manufacture and confection

Address: Rua Silva Teles, 428 – Pari

Telephone: (11) 2693 – 1588

3. Skilper Clothes

Address: Rua Sirinhaém, 58 – Parque São Lucas, São Paulo/SP.

Telephone: (11) 96941 – 5704

4. Clothes trade Factory shopping mall

Address: Avenida Leopoldina, Imperatriz, 1358 – Vila Leopoldina

Telephone: (11) 3835 – 4582

5. Brancas Divinal Clothes Factory LTDA

Address: Rua Cristóvão Moraes Garcia, 687 – Novo Mundo Park

Telephone: (11) 2954 – 2880

Where to buy cheap clothes in São Paulo?

There are several factories and wholesale clothing suppliers spread throughout the capital and also throughout the state of SP. But there are two regions that are quite famous when it comes to cheap clothes.

The first one is the Bom Retiro region. This neighborhood is home to many clothing stores that sell retail and wholesale. They are very cheap pieces, which made this neighborhood one of the most sought after by shopkeepers from the most diverse corners of Brazil.

Another very valid alternative for those looking for clothing factories in SP to buy wholesale is to go to the Brás region. Yes, you can find a lot of cheap clothing suppliers there, so you probably won’t buy directly from the factory there, but there are a lot of nice suppliers.

There’s even an article here on the site where we talk about how to buy wholesale clothes in Brás. It is worth checking!

There is also the 25 de Março region, which despite being an area that is also highly sought after by shopkeepers, ends up not having a great focus on clothing items. Of course you can buy many pieces at wholesale to resell and make a good profit, but it is not such a famous area in the clothing market.

buy clothes wholesale in São Paulo

Is it worth buying at clothing factories in SP?

if you want buy at clothing factories in SP, but he doesn’t live in neighboring cities, he will certainly need an extra investment that will be related to spending on his own transport and purchased goods.

So you need to calculate all these expenses very well before traveling to greater São Paulo to buy your clothes.

Generally speaking, we can come to the conclusion that it is worth it, after all it will be possible to buy products at more affordable prices, however for those who live in very distant states it ends up becoming an unfeasible option.

It is also important to emphasize that today there is the possibility of learning to import clothes through the internet and earning much more than when buying in factories in SP.

So start researching and analyzing every detail right away, because that’s the only way you can find the best factories to buy.

My final tip is that you also search for other locations, as you might be able to find good clothing distributors closer to your city to buy your products.

If you want to have access to the best suppliers on the market, I recommend that you get to know the Vip Supplier List, where they are gathered. Here you can access the top suppliers of clothing, accessories, footwear and much more.

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