Different Gacha Club Clothing Ideas for Gacha Lovers

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Different Gacha Club Clothing Ideas for Gacha Lovers

Lunime Japan released Gacha Club in June 2020. Initially, the game was only released on Android, but later an IOs version was also released.

If you are a PC addict, you can run the app on an Android emulator and bluestacks is a very good option for that purpose. Within the game there are 4 different minigames. You earn coins by playing these games, and through these coins you get units that can be used to further customize the game.

In this game, you can customize the character however you like and then play these games using your character. The scenes in the minigames are also customizable.

Also, if you want to play the game and don’t want to go through the hassle of going through each option individually, this article can certainly help you.

Gacha Club Outfit Ideas image

Gacha Club Clothing Ideas

You can customize your gacha with any type of outfit. Below are some of these ideas you can put into practice.

i. The first is to dress your Gacha like a schoolgirl or a schoolgirl. You can do this by choosing formal pants and shirts and you can choose a skirt in the case of a female character. Afterwards, you can choose a contrasting tie to match formal pants and a shirt.

After that, you can choose other accessories like belts and shoes as well and usually go black and formal in the case of school uniform. In this way, it will look like a school uniform.

ii. Another good option is the superhero style. In it, you can choose capes, wings, masks and so on. along with superhero costumes, giving them your personalized touch.

iii. The hippie look is also great. You can make your character look like a hipster. Baggy clothes along with colorful prints can help you achieve this look.

iv. Wedding looks are also common, you can make your character put on a suit or wedding dress by adding accessories like lapel pins, bow ties and all.

v. Prince or princess outfits along with accessories such as a crown and lots of jewelry can help you achieve that unique look.

saw. Professional work clothes, such as a white overcoat along with accessories such as a stethoscope, complete the look of a doctor in the same way that you can make your character dress like any other professional.

All you have to do is dress your character appropriately and add the right accessories.

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Gacha Club Hairstyles

You’ll find the hair in the third number of the dresses menu and you’ll be able to find 5 different elements for the hair that you can customize according to your needs to achieve the look you want.

These elements are back hair, back hair, ponytail, front hair and hair ends. With hair ends, you can add bangs or ends, the back hair is towards the bottom of the hair at the back, while the back hair is towards the top.

So the second element is color and there are 4 other options. The base covers the base color of the main body of the hair.

Fade covers the color of the lower section of hair, the tip is for the color of the fringe and ends, and Acc is for the color of the hair accessories.

Another benefit is that you can change your hairstyle whenever you want and multiple times. You can do this at the beginning or after the game, whenever you like.

in short

Using the options provided, you can create any outfit or hairstyle idea of ​​your choice and imagination is the limit. Good luck!

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