Decorating Tips for Women’s Clothing Store

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Decorating Tips for Women’s Clothing Store

The process of decorating a clothing store is similar to decorating your own home in only a few aspects: choice of colors, usability of each room, good circulation and comfort. After all, these are the basic steps to make any environment more pleasant. To decorate your home, you seem to know exactly what to do, but what about choosing a decor for a women’s clothing store?

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For women’s clothing stores, pastel colors are said to be best. They are more neutral and don’t feel the same smothering as stronger colors. However, it is also possible to take risks and create a strong color chart balanced with lighter colors, to have a different and attractive result. Tip: use shades that match the brand’s colors.

think of every little corner

Think about the path that the customer will take when entering your store, choosing clothes and going to the cashier. Analyze the order of each room in the store, entrance, clothing display, dressing rooms and checkout. Place the macaws and mannequins at reasonable heights, leaving the macaws within reach and the mannequins, if desired, at the top. Avoid leaving macaws blocking other pieces or preventing the passage.

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Follow the customer’s path

Now that you have thought about the environments of your clothing store, a very important factor for a longer stay of customers in the store and for improving sales is circulation. Make sure the macaws and mannequins don’t obstruct vision or leave corridors too tight for customers to pass. Remember if: a cramped and uncomfortable store makes shoppers want to leave as quickly as possible, not having a look at every item. The cashier must be in a large and easily accessible place so the lines do not interfere with those who are shopping.


Dressers should pay special attention, as if they are too tight or hot, the customer may withdraw from the purchase. If the store is not very big, the alternative is to put curtains instead of doors, to save space. They must always be very clean so as not to gather dust. Also opt for lights that don’t get too hot. Don’t skimp on the mirror: it should be big and show the client from head to toe, so she can see your look in its entirety.
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Rest area

The rest area is important in a women’s clothing store as it tends to be the store where customers linger the longest. Create a comfortable, intimate space with a sofa, beanbags and a coffee table with up-to-date magazines and a good arrangement. A special detail that pleases a lot is the provision of water and coffee.
women's clothing store decor

don’t lose your identity

Remember that your store decor has to match the tone of your brand and the type of clothing you sell. Are these social clothes? Clothing for teenagers or adults? The right weather helps a lot in sales!
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