Decorating a clothing store on a shoestring? Find out how!

decorar uma loja de roupas

Decorating a clothing store on a shoestring? Find out how!

Knowing how to decorate a clothing store is critical to succeeding with your business!

If you have a business in this field, you already thought about how to decorate a clothing store, right?

When an entrepreneur starts a new business, the basic need is to invest as little as possible, as necessary, guaranteeing the working capital reserve for the enterprise. So, for example, to decorate a clothing store, there are numerous ideas that can be applied without a large investment.

It is important that the entrepreneur creates an attractive and comfortable environment for his customers and, in this way, the decoration cannot be neglected. However, with some creative ideas, the clothing store will have a more modern and dynamic format.

Thus, before the entrepreneur starts investing in furniture and racks, in addition to other decorative objects, it is necessary to plan the environment, ensuring that nothing is missing or left over.

How to decorate a clothing store?

The best way to decorate a clothing store with little investment is to make a checklist of everything that will be necessary for the store to function within the proper standards, that is, the counter, hangers, dressing rooms, racks and chairs, without forget that you also need a computer to keep tabs on sales.

A valid idea is to visit competitors, especially stores of the same size or similar, looking for inspiration to decorate the store. In this case, preference should be given to stores in your own city, not connected to the big chains, and you can find quite creative solutions.

What is essential for decorating a clothing store on a shoestring

Some items are essential to decorate a clothing store, like dressing rooms, for example. Even if it is a small store, it is important to have a dressing room so that customers can be sure of what they are buying.

If your store has a window – and it certainly must – it is also necessary to have one or more full-length mannequins, where you can assemble some different looks with the pieces that are on sale. If the store does not have a window, just a mannequin is enough, which must be placed at the entrance.

Although it seems superfluous, a mannequin can provide customers with ideas about the combination of pieces and, when presented in combination, generate greater buying impulse.

Using any and all space available in the store is important, especially when it comes to a smaller space. In addition to the mannequin, you can assemble niches to store the pieces, creating shelves that can offer more space for displaying your pieces.

These tips are important when decorating a clothing store!

You cannot forget about hangers and racks to display the items for sale and, in the presence of higher vertical space, install shelves to display products that are more visible, such as tall boots, or even mannequins only with the bust to expose blouses and accessories.

Making the environment bigger by decorating a clothing store

To decorate a clothing store and get the result right, you need to make the environment look bigger. Even in small rooms, you should leave space for mirrors on the walls, which will serve not only so that your customers can analyze the clothes from different angles, but also to offer the idea of ​​greater space.

Another detail that should be noted is the lighting. A small room, with mirrors, is bigger if it has the correct lighting. Light spots with lamps LED they help to enhance the location and highlight any detail you deem important, such as a mannequin or a bust.

Also be careful with the colors of the environment. Avoid one color such as white. Leave a wall with a stronger color, or create details in the painting, giving greater emphasis to the environment.

Finally, to decorate a clothing store with little money, don’t neglect the organization. A clothing store should always have everything in its proper place, everything tidy so that customers feel comfortable.

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