Day Wedding Makeup: 7 Ideas for Bridesmaids and Guests


Day Wedding Makeup: 7 Ideas for Bridesmaids and Guests

Daytime events call for lighter makeup, free from exaggerated touches and heavy coverings on the skin, and also avoid excess shine. But what if this event is a wedding party? Of course, such a special occasion deserves a production to match, but in the case of a daytime wedding, care must be taken when choosing makeup. Thinking about helping bridesmaids and guests in the mission of choosing the perfect makeup to use in a wedding that will take place in broad daylight, we selected 7 amazing ideas.


1. Natural makeup

For fans of the “less is more” style, naturalness is the big bet of makeup for a daytime wedding. To follow this proposal and escape the exaggerated touches, BB Creams, fluid foundations or a sunscreen with color are welcome. For the eyes, invest in a mascara with a natural finish or use the delicate individual false eyelashes. For lips, light tones and close to skin tone are favorites.


Viva Luxury | Lupita Nyong’o via bazzar | Margot Robbie via zimbio


Marina Ruy Barbosa via Ale de Souza Makeup

bb-cream-individual-eyelashes-and-nude-lipstick products

etude house | Eudora | MAC

2. Light and light makeup

There’s nothing that brings more life to a light makeup than an illuminator. This product is responsible for giving a glowing effect that highlights strategic points on the face. Illuminator can be applied to the inner corners of the eyes, the tip of the nose, the top of the cheek, under the arch of the eyebrow, and the top of the lips.

This is the perfect option for those who want a smooth look, but with a touch of shine.

02-light-and-lit-for-wedding-day makeup

Ale de Souza Makeup | Rodrigo Ramas

illuminator products

Nyx | The boticario |Natura

3. Powerful makeup + white pencil on the waterline

As much as a day wedding goes with light makeup, the more elaborate options are free. For those who don’t give up powerful productions, such as marked concaves and bright shadows, the great tip to make the look lighter and more appropriate for a day event is to use a white pencil on the waterline of the eyes.

The well-crafted makeup and finished with the famous “opening eyes” effect results in an elegant look.


Michelly Palma | Vanessa Vasconcelos

powerful-shadow-and-white-eye-pencil products

Vult | Natura | Louisiana

4. Delicate makeup with a splash of color

For godmothers and guests looking for a daring look, the suggestion is to bet on colorful makeup. Currently, cosmetic brands have a wide variety of eyeshadows, pencils and colored eyeliners. So, with a little creativity, it’s possible to get away from the obvious and give a more cheerful look to the look.


miryam | Mariana Sampaio | Thassia Ships


Who said, Bernice? | Avon | Who said, Bernice?

5. Light makeup and red lipstick

If you want a little color in your makeup, but the idea of ​​using colored eyeshadows doesn’t appeal to you, the tip is to bet on red lipstick. Due to its intense color, red lipstick takes the lead in makeup and dispenses with such elaborate eyes.


Tamara Schlesinger via Marta Stewart Weddings | Rodrigo Ramas


Revlon | Eudora | sephora

6. The classic outlined

Among all the makeup options, the classic eyeliner is the most versatile and adaptable for any occasion, especially for daytime events. The eye contour gives an air of sophistication without weighing the look.


Rodrigo Ramas | Brittany Sullivan

make-up-light and-marked-eyeliner


eyeliner products

cat Paris | Avon | Avon

7. Black pencil and nude lipstick

How about betting on the traditional basic black in a lighter version? That famous black-lined look isn’t a favorite for daytime weddings, but there are plenty of women who won’t give up their inseparable eyeliner. Especially for you, we selected some inspirations to prove that it is possible to produce a makeup for the day using black pencil. Notice that the productions below had a great ally to smooth the production: the nude lipstick.


alaina makeup | Helena Lunardelli


Thais Martins | miryam


Vult | Natura |The boticario

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