Dangerous and Seductive, A History of Long Hair

birth of venus

Dangerous and Seductive, A History of Long Hair – Observer

Since Classical Antiquity, long hair has been synonymous with feminine – men who didn’t cut it were considered effeminate, explains archaeologist Elizabeth Bartman. A small exception for the Greek philosophers, with beard and long hair, and yet not as big as that of Aphrodite, the goddess of love who sometimes covered herself with only her hair, especially in her appropriations by Renaissance painting, in who appears with loose hair, with movement, very lewd compared to that of the European nobility, demurely caught, ready to be released as a revelation only in intimacy. Released only for the common people or for uncontrolled women, like those who went to Cais das Naus with the men before they left for India – women “in hair”, sings Camões, who in the distress of farewell did not even have time to do it. close.

birth of venus

“The Birth of Venus”, the goddess of love for the Romans, in the famous painting by Botticellli.

The Dom Casmurro by Brazilian Machado de Assis is never mentioned because of his passages about hair – and that is an injustice. “The work was hampered, sometimes due to a challenge, sometimes on purpose to undo the feat and redo it. His fingers brushed the nape of her neck or her calico-clad shoulders, and the sensation was a delight. But, finally, the hair was running out, as much as I wanted it to be endless. I have longed to comb them through the centuries and centuries, to weave two braids that could envelop infinity an unspeakable number of times. If this seems emphatic to you, disgraced reader, it’s just that you’ve never combed a little girl”, says Bentinho, remembering the moments that preceded Capitu’s first kiss.

Such a sensual setting springs from the touch of an extension of the body, that the subject wants infinite, as long as possible, but which is not even sensitive. “Hair is, of course, soft to the caress, but touching it has other effects for the one to whom it belongs. Although hair is not sensitive in itself, its roots penetrate the skin and this comes into contact with sensitive nerves. Consequently, squeezing the hair goes beyond the hair itself and its roots, sending sensations deeper than the skin, almost as if the caress itself had penetrated the body, through the hair”, writes philosophy professor James Giles in your book The Nature of Sexual Desire.

Patsy Kensit agrees. The British actress told this week to Independent that the moment when David Bowie combed her hair was probably the most erotic moment of her life. She was 16 years old and in love with the idol she met when they were filming Absolute Beginners (1986). “One day I was in the makeup room, the makeup artist had left and Bowie had come in. He didn’t say a word, just picked up the brush and started brushing my hair. It probably only took three brushes, but it felt like the most erotic experience I’ve ever had.”

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