Dancing clothes for the June party in 2021

gang clothes

Dancing clothes for the June party in 2021

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Although the June parties still haven’t returned in person, that doesn’t mean that we have to pass this date in blank, right?

We can take the opportunity to create our own party at home, with family and close friends. Of course, the winter season in June, July and August are very good for celebrating June festivities, with various typical foods, games and decorations.

But, for sure, one of the funniest parts of the June parties is the square dance clothes. Choosing and putting together that junino look is really cool and, if you’re out of ideas this year, check out our article with several tips for gang clothes.

While we still can’t go to street parties, churches, clubs and schools, how about putting together a great look to enjoy the best of rustic tradition at home?

Typically, women’s clothing is mainly characterized by heavier fabrics such as jeans, flannel and leather, but ruffles, embroidery, lace and calico can also be used, which allow for a finish with more movement, comfort and a touch of delicacy.

It is also possible to create basic, straight and comfortable looks, perfect to be worn in lower temperatures, which is common in the month of June when the party is held.

See gang clothing options below!

gang clothes

Black woman wearing typical June party clothes, a blue dress with white polka dots and a straw hat. Orange background. Photo Credit: Freepik

Gang clothes: tips and inspirations

Plaid shirt

First of all, the plaid shirt is a piece that is easy to have in the wardrobe and allows the creation of looks of different styles. It can also be used as a third piece.

Another positive point of the plaid shirt is in relation to the material of the clothing, since there are options in several types of fabrics, from the lighter ones like cotton to heavier ones like flannel.

Thus allowing you to choose the best option, considering the location, temperature and period in which you will wear the shirt.

So, if you don’t have any plaid shirt in your wardrobe, don’t waste time and invest in the model, because you’ll certainly wear a lot and will be a key item in your closet.

There are several options with jeans as well as leather. Choose your favorite!

Custom Look

If you’re super excited for the June party and don’t want to rent or buy a square dress, a good option is to customize your own outfit. You can choose to wear the plaid shirt and customize the second piece.

How about applying some flags on your denim shorts? Or buy fillet (which is cheap) and glue some bows? It’s easy to make and you’ll be a “hillbilly” in style! This will certainly be a perfect June party look!


Jeans are classic and could not be missing even at June parties! It can be a good option for those who want to get into the party atmosphere, without feeling dressed up.

The bib with a plaid shirt and boot has the style of a modern and laid-back hillbilly. Or if you’re even more discreet, you can invest in an all-jeans look and wear a straw hat as an accessory.

Jeans, on the other hand, are an essential item in any wardrobe and go very well with a June party look.

For the style to be appropriate, go for jeans with a skinny, flare or straight mouth modeling, which match the outfit country.

Placing plaid shirts, belts with big buckles, cowboy boots and hats are also elements that will contribute to the combination and assembly of the look in a balanced and characteristic way.

This perfect style for those looking for more comfortable, discreet and sober looks, without giving up the characterization for the celebration.

It is also ideal for use at children’s school parties, family events or with friends.

gang clothes

Brown-haired white woman sitting with a guitar in her hands. She wears jeans, a brown boot, a black leather jacket and a straw hat. Grey background. Photo Credit: Freepik

Dancing clothes for the June party in 2021

Fortunately, current fashion brings many elements that fit well in both more traditional country looks, such as plaids, floral prints, ruffles, fringes, boots, leggings and mixes of prints, etc.

But there are also more different looks, such as jeans, gypsy blouses, full skirts, among others. The important thing is to be creative and stay within your style.

In short, there are so many options that you can make a June party look within your style, without having to go around fully dressed, but still in the mood, with some specific props.

Various styles for gang clothing: choose what suits you best!

Now, if you are more fashion and want to “smother” at parties, you can innovate betting on fringes and the mix of prints, such as plaids, florals, polka dots and even the animal print. So, you can compose a great redneck look and super stylish!

Now, if you are more romantic, you can invest in ruffles, in addition to floral prints and dots, which give a feminine touch to the look.

But if you are more laid-back, with a rocker touch, you can opt for leather items, such as jackets, pants and boots.

You can also wear and abuse skirts and dresses for a sexier style. Typically, these pieces are usually fitted to the torso, with puffy sleeves and a full skirt.

In addition, it is common to find dresses with corsets, leaving the waist well defined. Ah, you can also combine cropped with a skirt, which is a trend in gang clothes in 2021.

But if you’re not a big fan of cropped, calm down! How about wearing the gypsy blouse? She’s also hot, super trendy and fits the occasion. The model has a neckline from shoulder to shoulder, which is super beautiful and romantic.

But if you love a classic, know that the traditional dress of the June party is the calico, but you can take the idea of ​​floral and plaid (other prints typical of the party) and reinterpret it.

The mix of prints matches the date, such as wearing a plaid skirt with a floral blouse. The plaid on the shirt also goes to the dresses. Use and abuse your creativity!

To complete the look, opt for the traditional pigtails or a scarf-type tiara tied with print floral. It will be beautiful!

Another option is to go with the menswear bandwagon. You can even pair up with her husband in a red and black plaid flannel shirt, finishing with jeans and boots. This combination is very practical and error-free! Oh, and don’t forget to paint the sardines on your cheek, which can be done with black eyeliner.

In short, the important thing is to choose something that matches your style and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! This is the time to get that colorful outfit out of the closet, so let your imagination run wild and use your creativity to create amazing gang clothes.

gang clothes

Girl wearing typical June party outfit: a colorful dress and cornrows. Orange background. Photo Credit: Freepik

And for children? Gang clothes for them!

For the little ones, it’s even more important to spark the imagination, and the clothes and accessories are extra fun.

How about painting freckles on your face, little mustaches and even black teeth with makeup? They are super easy to make! For boys, a straw hat is okay. And, for girls, you can opt for a hat or pigtails, tiaras, flowers or braids.

June party hairstyles


We start with the classic of classics! It’s not because this is the classic that always needs to be done the same way. The hairstyle can be done with some variations that will make everything more interesting.

You can choose to make a more deconstructed braid, with some looser strands. This hairstyle would give a more relaxed touch to the braids.

And what’s more, you can choose to do braided roots, which will also make a good difference to the look. And if you’re not afraid of daring and want to bet on a fun and colorful look, you can braid your hair with colorful satin ribbons that will make your hairstyle super happy!

Dutch braids

If you want to go beyond traditional braids, Dutch braids are among the main trends and can be a great hairstyle alternative to complement your June party look.


The ponytail, a super traditional hairstyle, could not be missing at a party that is also so traditional. And don’t think that a ponytail always has to be tied well back. Invest in something more different.

You can make a loose braid the length of the strands. You can also bet on a cooler look, with a forelock in front. Or, do a side ponytail, which is cute and is very hillbilly!

semi stuck

If you washed your hair on the day of the June party and don’t want to tie it up, this is the ideal hairstyle. Yes, surely you must have remembered a movie that showed a similar hairstyle!

And braids are the best way to invest in a June party hairstyle, even when you won’t be braiding all of your hair. Just make braids on the sides, on the side of the hair and fasten them behind the head. You can choose to do just two, or several, hair lengths as well. Easy, right?

In the first way, the hairstyle is more traditional and the second is more cool. If you want to invest in more deconstructed and looser braids, it’s also a good way.


If you want to do a chic and sophisticated hairstyle, buns are ideal for you! Also, there are several ways to make a bun.

You can, for example, braid the sides of your hair and go into the bun. If you’re not very good with braids, you can also make curls, which will make your hairstyle look cool and messy, which also matches the redneck theme.

In addition, colored ribbons and bobby pins will help you make your hairstyle even more beautiful.

June party makeup

The makeup and hairstyle for the Festa Junina look is no secret and it’s very easy to get it right! When you go to makeup, bet on blush combined with several dots made with eyeliner, for example. Bet on the double braid or pigtails for your hair, and combine it with ribbons and bows, it will look great!

Girl in typical June party outfit: colorful dress and braids. She smiles in the photo. Orange background. Photo Credit: Freepik

2021 gang clothes

So, which of the options above did you choose to spend your June party this year? You can choose from very traditional outfits to more basic everyday compositions.

Choose the pieces you like the most and jump the fire in style!

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