Curly Haircut for Round and Fat Face: Photos

curly haircut

Curly Haircut for Round and Fat Face: Photos

O curly haircut for round fat face can be used quietly as a nice fashion trick to thin and elongate the face and thus make the chubby woman look thinner.

The entire production must be harmonious to achieve the slimming visual effect, so, in addition to the correct haircut, it is also essential to invest in clothes that enhance your body and make you look slimmer, such as vertical stripes, details in the part central body and pieces with darker tones, for example.

Curly Haircut for Round and Fat Face

With a correct haircut the woman looks wonderful. Only those who have gone through inexperienced hands, which ended up with their hair, know that this statement is true, which is why it is essential to choose a good professional. Regardless of the hair size, asymmetry should be used in the cut for those who have a round face, so that it “breaks” the circular contour.

curly haircutThe curly haircut for a round and plump face values ​​women (Photo: cut(Photo:

Short Cuts Photos

Fringe can be a wildcard element when we talk about short haircuts, as it can be used as a trick to thin the face. Leave it to the side.


short cut(Photo:

The short haircut is the one that requires the most asymmetry, as if the hair is too symmetrical, it can look like a helmet on the woman’s head, which will make the face appear to be even rounder.


Red-haired(Photo: cut(Photo:

black(Photo: paste(Photo:


Layered Haircut

The medium curly haircut and the long curly haircut should be layered so that the excess volume does not harm facial harmony either. A little volume is good, but too much volume in straight hair spoils the overall look.

layers(Photo: hair(Photo:


medium cut(Photo:

For Curly and Bulky

Anyone who has a lot of hair and, with this very voluminous hair, can bet on haircuts that leave volume at the back of the head, so as not to bulge the sides of the face.


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