Crazy Girlfriends

Crazy Girlfriends - Thinker

Crazy Girlfriends – Thinker

Hainnnn! A few years ago (I’m human, I can’t count. ke ) I met a very crazy girl who listened to a wonderful tram and had a face like those who scraped her tail on the floor and was a nun in her spare time. But in the name of Inês Brasil, you were converted and today it’s just grating on the ground (hauahau)
Head to one side, little body to the otô!
Sis, I really wanted to be celebrating another one of your birthdays with you but unfortunately I’m not ryca and the distance is too much. But I want to make it very clear that regardless of all the differences and all the distance from the world I will never let anything end our friendship that God willing it will continue for many, many years.
So, happy birthday, that all your dreams come true, that you are very happy, that your life is full of joy, much make love, much undererê.
May you never let anyone put you down (Give me the address and I’ll pay you a visit, I’m graduated and graduated in AHS! ) May you continue to be that cape…wonderful angel.

Giih’s best friend

Best friends

So long together,
A friendship without equal,
A crazy story, with a beginning, a middle, but still no end.
Unique moments, multiple smiles.
Our thing.
I dare say that no one knows me, perhaps, better than you,
I want to take this feeling and tell the whole world,
That you were the first friend I met,
And the only one who, with so much affection, shared moments.

Grazy Amstalden

meeting you was a pleasure
being your friend is crazy
now to forget about you only in the grave!


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The friendship is strong, the fun is crazy and the partnership is eternal.


We all have so many problems that if we were to comment on them we would just drive each other crazy!!!
I learned, together with special people, to shut up, even though I felt like crying…
In these difficult times I must speak only to God
Everything gets easier!
God, in these moments touches our hearts, and in joy, the soul can interact to overcome the obstacles caused by our egos that do not want our spiritual growth, strengthening our physical, psychic and spiritual bodies
Think about it!!!
Leave your life in the Lord’s hands and He will lead you along the paths of truth and life.

God bless you!!!

Sara’s friend


I want you all like this, abandoned
in my arms, crazy, drunk.
On my breast delivered, possessed,
in body, spirit, in life itself.

I want you like that moaning like a maenad.
who surrenders entirely to the lover’s fire,
that in the flames of love and in madness,
kisses, bites, scratches, begs in delirium.

I want you like this, disheveled hair.
dark spot on wet cushions,
by the sweat that emanates from your breasts,
sacred altar of the richest veins.

I want you like that in sweet hours,
in fearful caresses, all pure
stroking disheveled hair
like mother to child, between cares.

I want you like this, so loving sister
that the crazy brother advises, fearful
for your life from the world gone astray,
that worries and makes her desperate.

I want you all like this, female, female,
being only mine, showing that you want me.
I want you like this, mix of women,
mother, friend, lover, whatever you want
to be – and for what you are – I want you so much.

Because you summarize everything I dreamed of
in days of anguish and fear,
I know
I want you at last, because you are the life
I want
and with you I will be.

Victor Motta

No, our friendship is definitely not crazy, our friendship is a beautiful story written by God through various events in our lives, and all I wanted was to spend this day with you, but what we planned doesn’t always work out right because each one with their priorities and so life goes on, that’s why I ask heaven every day to continue strengthening our bonds, because I know that together we are stronger and nothing and no one will ever impede our friendship except ourselves. So, for a love that is not measured by time or distance, it is felt anymore, let’s celebrate our 5 years full of affection, affection and true feelings and of course fights too, after all we are human beings who get it right, we make mistakes, most of all, we love.
Congratulations to us, and let it be eternal while it lasts. I love you ❤


I’m completely romantic, I love making new friends, I find life crazy delicious. I keep falling in love. I live on passion. I like simple things and humble people, with a good heart, who know how to appreciate moments and things that money cannot buy. I always try to use common sense, I respect people a lot, and I demand respect for myself. I don’t pretend that all the people I like like me… Even if I miss what they do to me, the important thing for me is to know that I, at some point, was irreplaceable… And that this one moment will be unforgettable… I just want my feeling to be valued. I want to be able to believe that even if today I fail, tomorrow will be another day, and if I don’t give up on my dreams and purposes, maybe I will succeed and be fully happy. I want, one day, to be able to tell people that nothing was in vain… that it’s worth giving to friends and people, and that I’ve always done my best… and that it was worth it! I wanted to be sure that despite my resignations and follies, someone values ​​me for who I am, not for what I have, or don’t have… That they see me as a complete human being, who abuses too much of the good feelings that life gives him. provides, that gives value to what really matters, which is my feeling… and don’t play with it. And that someone asks me to never change, so that I never grow, so that I’m always myself. Simple isn’t it? For some it seems so difficult…


In India the cow is sacred, in Europe the cow is crazy and in Brazil a cow is any friend of your boyfriend.

Vanessa Pimentel

There is a high chance that a friendship between a man and a woman will turn into a mad crush.


Jealousy leads madness to turn into despair, suffering makes the pain turn into tears, disillusionment makes friendship turn into falsehood, and then doubt falls and with it fear.

rebeca kerner

I can be like that, crazy, but I’m never crazy enough to lose a friendship for any bullshit.

Bruna Denise

My friendship with you has always been crazy fun and wonderful when one falls the other falls together we are like sisters can’t think of living without you cause you keep me standing when others want to see me fall you make me feel stronger than i really am, so i want to take this friendship with me forever.


The partnership is strong, the enjoyment is crazy and the friendship is eternal.


to stop my madness,
In case the weird scares you,
If You’re Not the Cure,
Forget me to Infinity.

Lyrical Insanity

Crazy is someone who doesn’t have the courage to commit a madness to try to prevent the end of a great friendship.

Silvio Caethano

The world is a crazy thing, spins, spins and there are people who are still idiots in the same way, I don’t understand anything anymore!

Duda Brito

The partnership is strong, the fun is crazy and the fun is eternal.


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