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Clothing Wholesale Online

Wholesale Clothing Online, here you will find the best and cheapest options in Wholesale Clothing Online direct from the factory. We provide clothes for shopkeepers, bags and retailers in general, we ship all over Brazil, shopping is simple and you can do it directly here on the website, if in doubt you can contact us directly through WhatsApp.

We are located next to the biggest wholesale center in Brazil, the Moda Center Santa Cruz, a huge place dedicated especially to the wholesale clothing public in general.

Clothes Wholesale Online, We offer several options from children to adults, and at different prices for resale. We serve not only wholesalers but also especially retailers, our prices cater for both retail and wholesale, so if you want to buy clothes just for your own use, this is also the right place, and better yet, you can shop retail with wholesale price.

Clothing Wholesale Online, to better serve our customers, we offer several forms of payment, when placing an order on the website, the customer can choose several payment options: bank slip, credit card in up to 12 installments, deposit or bank transfer and also perform the payment of your order through the PIX.

Clothes Wholesale Online, in addition to the different payment methods we offer, the customer will be able to choose the best and cheapest shipping option that suits their region. Wholesale Clothing Online, you can buy and choose among the various shipping options that will appear, depending on availability for your city: Correio Pac or Sedex, Azul Cargo, Jadlog, Braspress, Own tours and other options, for that, when choosing yours products on the site and click buy, you will go to your shopping cart, just enter the zip code of the address you want to receive the product and click on calculate, it will be shown, in addition to the available shipping options, the values ​​and delivery times.


Where to Buy Wholesale Clothing Online?

Clothes Wholesale Online you can buy directly here on the Fashion Manufacturers website or get in touch via WhatsApp.

How many Boxes are there in the Moda Center?

At Moda Center there are 9,672 Boxes, and also 707 stores, in total there are more than 10 thousand commercial points in all, it is no wonder that the place is one of the largest in Latin America.

What is Fashion Center?

Moda Center Santa Cruz is the largest clothing wholesale center in Brazil, it is a place made up of six huge warehouses where every Monday and Tuesday all manufacturers in the city and neighboring cities are present to sell their items manufactured during the week.

What’s in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe?

The city is attracted by the movement in clothing manufacturing, where the largest wholesale center in Brazil is located, the Moda Center.

What is the best website to buy Wholesale Clothing Online?

The best site to buy Wholesale Clothing Online is Fashion Manufacturers, in it you will find, in addition to the lowest prices on the internet, several shipping options, several payment methods and the best discounts.

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