Clothing Store Advertising Phrases: Do you stand out?

Clothing Store Advertising Phrases: Do you stand out?

Clothing Store Advertising Phrases: Do you stand out?

Why is it important to know how to create phrases for clothing store advertisements?

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive there is. The options are endless and every day more clothing stores appear. Have you ever stopped to think about which niche you see the most advertising? You can be sure that the fashion world is among the top advertisers.

In this very competitive scenario you need to create good strategies to communicate well with your audience and get ahead of the competition. You must choose your words well when persuade your customer.

Start creating clothing store advertising phrases like no one else. Keep reading this article for essential tips for irresistible writing.

To make it easier for you to read, we have separated the topics covered in this article in the menu below:

The importance of assertive communication

Several studies have already proven that we have a few seconds to catch people’s attention and make a good impression online. If the first 4 seconds of an ad don’t attract attention, soon the person looks away.

When you own a clothing store, you need to fight for a space in the public’s attention. There are so many options that it’s hard to compete, so you need to identify your ideal customer and understand how he communicates.

The fashion world has the most varied niches, which communicate in different ways. One assertive communication, with a good choice of words and phrases, can be decisive for the survival of your store.

Segmenting also helps!

If you want to read a full content on customer segmentation, click here.

The power of words

Many find writing an ad simple. After all, it’s just two sentences, who can’t do that? But it is precisely at this point that many are wrong. Creating catchy phrases can be more difficult than you might think.

Just as words can help you sell millions, they can be your undoing. Therefore, it is very important that you know very well what to put in your advertisements and advertisements.

Don’t use a phrase just because all the clothing stores are using it. Be creative, seek to differentiate yourself and use all the power that words have in your favor. See these examples we had here at StayApp:

case stayapp 1case stayapp2

A well-written sentence, added to the right tool and strategy can bring a very high ROI!

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7 phrases for clothing store advertising

To make a phrase for your store you need to think about the feeling that will pass to the public. Also, it is important that you be careful with the length and rhythm of the sentence. See some examples to get inspired!

A classic never goes out of style

A phrase like this can be used with stores that have a more timeless style, with key pieces and that everyone wears. It refers to minimalism, the classic and draws the attention of those interested in this style

quality view

With these words you will highlight an important characteristic of your brand: quality. A short, to-the-point sentence gets the message across quickly, being more efficient.

wear your best version of you

Using a phrase like this in your advertisement shows that your store is completely audience-oriented. You value your customer and still generate a connection.

Infinite Possibilities

This type of phrase can be used in other fields, but in the fashion world it refers to versatility. This draws attention because it can reach different people, with a phrase that also quickly conveys the style of the store.

The style inspired by you

This is another example of a phrase that manages to generate a strong connection with the consumer. It shows that the store is always ready to listen to the public.

comfort with elegance

There is a certain myth that if a piece is too elegant, its comfort is bad. This may be true in competition, but in YOUR store it’s quite the opposite. Comfort goes hand in hand with elegance.

The only default is yours.

There are so many demands in the world that most people let themselves be influenced. There is no standard of beauty, there is only your standard.

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6 Tips for Creating Clothing Store Catch Phrases

Now that you have examples to inspire yourself, you should know how to construct phrases for your clothing store advertisements. Keep watching for more tips to learn how to use words better.

1- Know the language of your audience

Start identifying who your audience is and how they communicate. Have you ever noticed if there is a type of slang that your customers use, or are they more serious? All of this influences when choosing your ad words.

Think about who your best customer is and notice the language they use. By communicating in the same way, you can generate more empathy and connection. Makes them come back for more!

2- Surprise your customer

Use words and phrases that will surprise your customer. The unexpected catches people’s attention and makes them interested in the message you want to convey.

You can do this by using a seemingly shocking statement, such as “We’re not having clothes anymore… After the weekend super promotion!”. Another way is to tell a super new thing, like an amazing promotion that he wasn’t expecting

3- Customize your speech

One of the best ways to talk to your audience is to personalize your speech as much as possible, making your customers feel unique and special. Whenever possible, call them by the name or term they like to identify themselves with.

This brings your clothing store closer to your consumers and differentiates you from other competitors who always use generic treatments.

4- Use emotion triggers

Use emotions to grab the consumer’s attention! Human beings are driven by feelings and sensations, so the emotional impact you have on them makes all the difference.

Use phrases in your advertisements that appeal to drama, that generate curiosity, that cause a sense of joy. They are good options to make your store really saved in the public’s mind.

5- Think about the hierarchy of information

Whenever you’re going to give different information in the same message, think about which topics are the most important. That’s because it’s difficult to keep your customer’s full attention and he may end up missing important information along the way.

Put the most important information right at the beginning, or in a way that gets more attention than the rest. This helps your audience retain information and record well what matters most.

6- Seize the moment

The world we live in is constantly changing, with always new news happening. We also live in an age of memes, where every week there are new things for people to joke about.

You may not think so, but advertising can benefit a lot from these moments. Be aware of what’s happening and use it to get people’s attention. See this example from Uber.

After the version of the song Shallow by Paula Fernandes and Luan Santana came out, it soon became the subject of several comments. The company Uber, taking advantage of the moment, changed the name of one of the racing categories in the app.

uber enjoying moments

The action soon began to be much talked about and gained dozens of shares and spontaneous media. For them, it was a small change with almost no cost, but the return was very high.

Start applying all these tips to build your clothing store phrases! Get inspired and seek to connect with your audience to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

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