Clothing Factories in Goiânia: 12 Wholesale Suppliers

clothing factories in Goiânia

Clothing Factories in Goiânia: 12 Wholesale Suppliers

Starting in the clothing sales business? So, know that there are several clothing factories in Goiânia that can help you make significant profits!

Affordable prices and the great diversity of products are the main attractions that make shopkeepers and independent resellers look for the city of Goiânia.

Therefore, I will show you a list of wholesale suppliers to serve as a solid foundation for your planning. Let’s check it out?

Discover the lucrative clothing market in Goiânia!

Goiânia is one of the most important clothing centers in the country. Thus, the capital stands out for having more than 3 thousand active clothing industries. As a matter of fact, it is worth mentioning that the state of Goiás is the second with the greatest economic movement from clothing industries and manufactures.

So, you can already see that there are great opportunities for lasting partnerships for clothing retailers. 😉

However, if you plan to go to Goiânia to buy clothes at wholesale, be aware that it is crucial to keep in mind the supplier profile that is compatible with your model and business.

I say this because no matter how many options there are, most of them may not meet your needs in terms of consumer price. Also, you need to pay close attention to the quality of the parts.

EXTRA TIP: request the assistance of a fashion broker in Goiania. This type of professional brings together contacts from the best suppliers in the region. In addition, it will be able to offer you amazing tips on the latest fashion trends.

Also visit the following places, as they group many other suppliers with prices for any budget:

  • Sun Fair;
  • Moon Fair;
  • Shopping Estação Goiânia;
  • Shopping Mega Fashion;
  • Goiás Fashions Center;
  • Avenida Bernardo Sayão;
  • Hippie Fair.

Now, a place you can’t miss is the famous 44th Street region in Goiânia. It is a commercial hub known as the shopping center for tourists, shopkeepers and retailers.

In addition, it is made up of 10 streets and 16 blocks, there you will find an immensity of stores and manufacturers of all kinds of pieces. So, there are many interesting places to visit. It is worth checking!

Here on the site we also have a complete post explaining about the clothing fairs in Goiânia. Where you can buy for cheaper.

12 clothing factories in Goiânia

clothing factories in Goiânia

1. Agape Christian Fashion

  • Address: Stretch 8 150 QD 01 LT 07/14 – St. Goiânia 2 – Goiânia.
  • Telephone: 0800 723 3200
  • site:

2. Di Paula Fashion Fitness

  • Address: Avenida Ipiranga 122, Ipiranga – Goiânia.
  • Telephone: (62) 98556-4417
  • Site:

3. Omni Vinci Factory

  • Address: Rua José Pedro da Costa, N 616 – QD 35 LT 09 – St. Centro Oeste, Goiânia.
  • Telephone: (62) 3211-6881

4. Skalla Comércio e Confecções deClothes LTDA

  • Address: Bernardo Sayão, 1280 – St. Center West, Goiânia
  • Telephone: (62) 3210 – 6978

5. TTA Factory

  • Address: Rua Sebastião Neri de Aranha, 203 – St. Centro Oeste, Goiânia.
  • Telephone: (62) 3211-1722

6. Online Store 44 – Clothing Wholesale

  • Address: Rua 74, 283 – St. Central, Goiânia.
  • Telephone: (62) 99140-1454

7. Brump Women’s Fashion

  • Address: Rio Negro, 682 – Parque Amazônia, Goiânia.
  • Telephone: (62) 3089-3268

8. Focatto – Factory Showroom

  • Address: Qd: 02, Lt: 08, No. 1,002, R. Formosa, 1002 – Bairro Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Goiânia.
  • Telephone: (62) 99619-8670

9. Kamila Trends – Jean Factory

  • Address: Rua Genipapo, block 25, lot 07, nº 01 – Santa Genoveva, Goiânia.
  • Telephone: (62) 99401-1794

10 Kenal Shirts

  • Address: Rua 15 de Novembro, Qd.31, Lt.12, Nº 629 – St. Centro Oeste, Goiânia.
  • Telephone: 62 3205-1479
  • site:


  • Address: Independência, 5225 – St. Aeroporto, Goiânia.
  • Telephone: (62) 3212-3065
  • site:

12. D’veras – Confection of Women’s Clothing

  • Address: Bernardo Sayão, 35 – St. Centro Oeste, Goiânia.
  • Telephone: (62) 3211-2469
  • site:

Is it worth buying clothes in factories in Goiânia?

As you can see, there are different types of factories that can serve you, regardless of your goals.

However, if you are still in doubt, know that it is really worth choosing the capital of Goiás to fill your bags for resale. Prices are extremely affordable and some factories even offer the option to purchase online.

In other words, you can choose the pieces there in the comfort of your home, clear all doubts with support and still receive your purchases at home.

In addition, you will be able to buy large quantities of clothes at factory prices and with above-average quality. However, I suggest that you plan ahead. Define what types of clothes you want to buy, talk to other people who have already been to the factories and look for other stores in the region you are going to visit.

I also recommend that you get to know the List of Suppliers that I always mention here on the blog. Here you’ll have access to more than 900 suppliers of clothing and other hand-selected products. There are suppliers from all over Brazil, including Goiânia!

Discover more articles in our categories Fashion & Looks & Luxe & 90s Outfits.

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