Clothes to wear for Christmas: check out the best look tips

Clothes to wear for Christmas: check out the best look tips

Clothes to wear for Christmas: check out the best look tips

Christmas is the day to celebrate with the ones you love! Friends, with the people we like the most. The traditions of that time are diverse: the supper, the gifts under the tree, the games and, of course, the meeting between loved ones. No matter the destination. Whether it’s at a relative’s house, on a farm or on the beach, there’s always that question of what to wear on Christmas Eve. But, here are some tips that can help you when putting together your look for Christmas.


A good alternative that we love, and that can be used by everyone! Shorts and shorts are essential pieces to bet on Christmas clothes. It can be either jeans or knitted fabrics or even tailoring. With the right combination, shorts can be a practical option and leave you very well dressed for the occasion.


At skirts can go according to the place where you will celebrate Christmas. From the longest ones, to the short ones, round and glued. As the occasion calls for more familiar moments, the ideal is always to opt for more “sophisticated” pieces. Remembering to always choose the one that makes you more comfortable to enjoy Christmas Eve without worry.


Faithful allies in any occasion, the pants have always been with everything! The best thing is that you can wear both with a neater shoe, as well as with something more social or a heel, like sneakers, sneakers or sandals.

In the case of pantaloon pants, the model asks for a more ‘fresh’ look – since we are talking about the Christmas season in Brazil being a little hot. Bet with cooler blouses or shirts, preferably cotton and keep the mood comfortable all night long!


Versatile and wild in any women’s wardrobe, the dresses they are indispensable pieces to bet on commemorative dates. If you woke up feeling like the Christmas diva, bet on the look that you only wear on special occasions, with all the accessories that you allow.

long dress model

But, if you are thinking of a lighter and more cheerful look, bet on the looser versions, which are very comfortable to enjoy all the variety of snacks and dishes of the night!

long dress model

Now it’s just up to you to choose the looks that you like the most and that make you more comfortable to spend the entire night celebrating and rocking out on Christmas. Nothing else chic than feeling good, right?!

Written by Gustavo Sousa.

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