Christian names for companies

Christian names for companies

Christian names for companies


Names for companies


1. beautiful christian

A name that is descriptive and brings to mind the best in Christian fashion. Your store will certainly attract attention.

two. sweet cherub

A great name for a bakery or confectionery that promises heavenly-flavored sweets.

3. House of the Rosary

A reference to prayer. This is an inviting and interesting name for a Christian goods store.

4. Between Psalms

A great name for a Christian blog that seeks to spread the teachings of Christ.

5. Santa Fe

A beautiful name with a lot of meaning. Can be used for any business to reach your target audience.

6. Moriah Fashions

A reference to Mount Moriah, the place where Solomon built the house of the Lord. A good choice for a clothing store.

7. Yahweh coffee

This name for a coffee shop is easy to remember due to the rhyme and makes a reference to one of the names given to God, Yahweh.

8. Studio Yeshua

Yeshua is the Hebrew word for Jesus. That’s a great name, therefore, for a salon.

9. Manna

This is the name of the food produced and provided by God to his people. Can be used in any food company.

10. Christian Alliance

A name that proves your bond and love for God. A more than appropriate suggestion for a jewelry store.

11. Ark of Noah

A name that will make clear your love and care for animals. Perfect for a feed house or even a veterinary clinic.

12. Guide star

A name that carries great meaning and refers to the birth of Jesus. The guide star is able to guide paths.

13. Bookstore Scriptures

This name will leave no doubt: you sell many Christian books and articles.

14. great gospel

A simple name that would fit into a Christian CD store or record label.

15. flower of eden

A name that makes a beautiful allusion to paradise. Your customers will be delighted with the beauty of your flower shop.

16. Agnus Dei

Latin expression often used in masses and celebrations to refer to the lamb of God. This name can be appropriate for any business.

17. New Canaan

Canaan was considered the land promised by God to his people. This name is versatile and meaningful.

18. Mount of Olives

It refers to the sermon on the Mount of Olives, a well-known biblical passage. Ideal mainly for an olive oil company.

19. Adonai Articles

This name is perfect for a religious goods store because the repetition of the initials makes it memorable.

20. three kings

A clear allusion to the three wise men. This name is an interesting option for a gift shop.

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