check out the tips and trends for the occasion!

check out the tips and trends for the occasion!

check out the tips and trends for the occasion!

June is the month of June parties and everyone stays tuned in to the schedule so as not to miss those delicious foods and drinks. But, if you’re passionate about makeup, you probably won’t miss the chance to improve your look to rock the São João party, right? And, in addition to the plaid shirt and pigtails, makeup is an indispensable part of the June look.

If you are planning the next events that you will be attending, but don’t know what to do with make to get in the mood, we can help. We separated 9 photos with makeup inspirations for the June party. Come check it out and get inspired to look great!

Red lipstick is a classic for the June party

It’s true that June festivals – as well as carnival – allow you to be a little more daring when choosing makeup colors. But you can’t deny that red lipstick is what comes to mind first when we think about the São João party. It is a super classic for this time of year and is perfect to complete the make up for any June party.

False freckles have everything to do with the feast of St. John

In your childhood, you probably worked the sardines on your cheeks with black eyeliner. The look is the hallmark of the June parties, but you can adapt this style to a more adult version that leaves you, at the same time, beautiful and in the atmosphere of São João. The fake sardines on the nose and cheekbones are great choose to leave the perfect makeup.

The pink make up makes the junino look more romantic

Pink also has everything to do with June party makeup, especially for those who prefer a more romantic make up for the occasion. If you are going to be the bride of the gang or, simply, you love very delicate makeup, how about perfecting a super pink look? The color can appear in both eyeshadow and lipstick to make your production look very juicy.

Groom your eyelashes for perfect makeup

It’s not every day that we want to leave the house assuming the doll look with those giant eyelashes, right? But, if you love to enhance the look with giant eyelashes, the June party is the perfect time to be daring and use your eyelashes well exaggerated. The tip, to do this, is to build layers with an eyelash mask that guarantees a lot of elongation.

Take advantage of the blush trend marked for the make

Well-marked blush is on the rise and there’s no better time to take advantage of the trend than during June parties. Pink cheeks have everything to do with this time of year – after all, who doesn’t remember the pink acorns full of black spots in childhood? If you’re not in school anymore and want a softer look, it’s worth trying out blush to remember the past.

Redaction: Gabrielle Nunes

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