Check out the 15 best songs to listen to pregnant

Baby songs

Check out the 15 best songs to listen to pregnant

Upon discovering that they are pregnant, future mothers try to dedicate themselves a lot to their child and look for ways to provide them with quality of life and well-being.

In addition to relaxing and allowing a moment of connection between mother and child, a study carried out by the University of Helsinki, Finland, proved that listening to music during pregnancy helps improve babies’ brain activity.

Music provides many benefits and is one of the activities most present in people’s daily lives. A good song changes our emotional state, brightens the day and brings good feelings.

AND babies can also experience these benefits while still in their mother’s womb., as they already learn and are stimulated by external sounds.

So, if you want to enjoy a good time with your baby, check out this selection with the best songs to listen to when pregnant:

Pregnant Songs

Check out the list:

For you I kept the love — Nando Reis

The sweet and pleasant voice of Nando Reis is balm for mothers-to-be in this partnership with Ana Cañas. together they sing For you I kept the love, song that is part of the disc three, released in 2009.

Watercolor — Toquinho

One of the most famous children’s songs in Brazil, Watercolor, by Toquinho, is a classic that every mother should listen to to make her baby happy in her belly.

The success was launched in 1983 and is still used today in children’s parties and school activities.

Check out the meaning of the song Watercolor

9 months — Barbara Dias

The singer Bárbara Dias is only 20 years old, she is not yet a mother, but she knew how to translate the feeling of love for a child.

she composed 9 months for a friend who discovered she was pregnant at age 17 and was feeling anguished about the challenge of being a mother.

Create – Maria Rita

Composition by César Belieny and Serginho Meriti, Create became a success in Maria Rita’s voice. To the sound of samba, she narrates the adventures and misadventures of taking care of a child who was barely born and already wants to go down.

the son i want to have – Chico Buarque

The music the son i want to have was composed in the 70s by Toquinho and Vinícius de Moraes and is perfect for moms to listen to before and after birth. The baby will sleep and dream in the voice of the great Chico Buarque.

I see a crib and I lean over it
With tears running me
And so crying to cherish
the son i want to have

an angel from heaven — Maskavo

Every mom agrees that a child is a gift, an angel who comes to change life completely. the hit an angel from heaven, by the band Maskavo is another excellent song for pregnant women on duty.

you smiled at me — Luiza Possi & Roberta Campos

you smiled at me marks the partnership of Luiza Possi and Roberta Campos. Each one composed a part of the lyrics, which can be interpreted as a declaration of love for a child.

missing piece
I take you by the hand
Now it’s us and our time

we know how to give birth — Rosa Zaragoza

Among the songs for pregnant, we also separate some international hits. The Spanish singer Rosa Zaragoza deserves a space in her playlist with the song we know how to give birth, present in the album Nacer, Renacer Néixer, Renéiexer, released in 2005.

Mother’s heart – Aline Barros

Gospel singer Aline Barros speaks in Mother’s heart about the never-ending care and love a mother has for her child. The music is part of the record Vol. 3, released in 2012.

breakaway — Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s hit, breakaway is a composition by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, has a catchy sound and lyrics that invite you to spread your wings and learn to fly. And that’s what a mother-to-be has to face, isn’t it?

The four Seasons — Vivaldi

Listening to classical music improves memory and increases dopamine production, in addition to other benefits.

That’s why moms-to-be should be enchanted by the sound of the classic The four Seasons, by the Italian singer and composer Antonio Vivaldi.

Night op 9 no 2 — Frédéric Chopin

Another good option is Night op 9 no 2, by Frédéric Chopin, work from 1832 and dedicated to Madame Camille Pleyel. Your baby will feel the positive effects of this beautiful song.

Eight years — Adriana Partimpim

Paula Toller composed Eight years in 1998 inspired by her son Gabriel. The song gained even more notoriety with Adriana Calcanhoto’s children’s project, Adriana Partimpim.

The lyrics present the most common questions children often ask their parents.

why do bones hurt
While we sleep?
Why do teeth fall out?
Where do the kids go out?

Yellow Submarine — Bia & Nino

the version of Yellow Submarine is part of the disc Beatles For Baby, from the Bia & Nino project, which brings together a diversified repertoire with the aim of educating through music and also allowing the interaction of parents and children.

Enlightened Boy – Little Citizen

The compositions of the group Pequeno Cidadão are an excellent example of songs for pregnant women to enjoy before and after the baby is born.

The group is composed by Arnaldo Antunes, Edgard Scandurra, Taciana Barros and Antonio Pinto and the songs talk about the children’s universe. listen up enlightened boy:

Benefits of music for pregnant women

Enjoy your pregnancy to listen to good music and offer your baby well-being, relaxation and much more. Check out some of the benefits of music for pregnant women and babies:

  • Boosts baby’s brain activity
  • Creates opportunities for greater connection and bonding with the child
  • Provides well-being between mother and child
  • calm and relax
  • Develops skills and learning after birth
  • Reduces anxiety and combats stress
  • Provides better sleep quality
  • improves mood

More music to relax and have fun with your child

In addition to changing our mood, music is a great educational tool and also helps to relax and provide good times between mothers and children. Check out a very special selection with 16 songs to enjoy with your baby!

Baby songs

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