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Cheap Baby Clothes – 10 Online Sites to Buy

Finding cheap baby clothes is a challenge for most moms, as the little outfit is usually quite expensive. However, nowadays you can find some websites online that sell children’s parts at cheaper prices and offer various promotions such as free shipping and discounts.

In the first months of a newborn’s life, it is very common for clothes to be changed more frequently, as they tend to get dirty several times during the day due to leaks and slugs.

In bigger babies the food introduction it also contributes to various exchanges during the day. Therefore, it is essential to choose quality stores that offer more affordable prices when putting together your child’s trousseau.

To help you in this task, we have a list of cheap baby clothes online stores for you to take advantage of all the promotions and cheaper prices.

10 sites online to buy cheap baby clothes

1- Children’s Boutique

The store Children’s Boutique offers items from R$9.90, ranging from newborn clothes to older babies and children’s clothes. On the website you will also find several options for the layette such as potty, maternity bags, bibs and bath towels.

The site is separated by the section boy, girl and baby, helping parents to organize themselves better when searching for what they need. You can also search based on the price you want to pay, choosing a threshold value for each product.

2- I got sick

Although not aimed at baby clothes, the site I got sick has several children’s items for sale, ranging from used items to those that still have a tag. That’s because many moms end up buying too many clothes or earning and they can’t use it on the baby in time.

In addition to cheap baby clothes, you can also easily find cribs, shoes, maternity bags, feeding chairs, etc.

This can be a good option to make the layette, as babies grow very fast and most don’t wear the same clothes more than twice. By buying used parts in good condition, you guarantee a better price for all parts that will be used infrequently.

3- Enchanted stork

The website enchanted stork offers baby parts from R$ 8.90 and free shipping to some regions of Brazil, depending on the purchase price. Not only clothes and shoes, the site also offers accessories such as bibs, children’s cups and mouth towels.

In addition, you can also find items for R$ 6.90 on the Outlet tab, where you can find various promotions on the site.

4- It got small

With the same functioning as Enjoei, the site got small has cheap baby clothes for less than half the price. That’s because, on the site, moms sell clothes that have been little or never used.

In addition to clothes, you can also find shoes, trousseau items and even party items.

5- Once upon a time

In the website Once Upon a time, you can find parts starting at R$7.99, in addition to various promotions on the Outlet tab, with items starting at R$7.59.

In addition to cheap baby clothes, the site also offers clothing for older children, trousseau items and bedroom items.

Some examples are 1 kit with 3 mouth diapers for only R$ 8.54 and anti-suffocating pillow for R$ 6.64.

6- Fluffy Baby

The website fluffy baby it is full of promotions and cheaper prices, with pieces starting at R$ 8.99. In it you will also find several options for the baby’s complete trousseau, such as bibs, washcloths and swaddling clothes.

The site also has an outlet tab that offers promotions on various items on the site.

7- Love Fashion

With parts starting at R$4.99, the website Love fashion has dozens of clothing options for babies and children at very affordable prices. You can also find men’s and women’s clothing on promotions and the Sale tab, with items at half price.

The site also offers free shipping for purchases over 249.90 to the South and Southeast of the country.

8- Little Boys Stores

Despite the name, the store boys also sells clothes for girls at great prices, and has items from R$7.99. On the Promotions tab you can still find items for just R$ 5.90, ranging from clothes to hygiene accessories such as mouth towels and combs.

The store also has items such as bibs, maternity bags and children’s cups.

9- Datitia

With bodies starting at R$8.90, the entire site datitia it’s full of cheap baby clothes deals, with free shipping for purchases over 249.00 to the South and Southeast regions.

On the outlet tab you can also find various promotions on bodies, sets, dresses and even sweaters. Models range from newborn babies to children aged approximately 8 years.

10- Victoria Augusto

With bodies starting at R$9.99, the store Victoria Augustus has low prices on parts for babies and older children. On the promotion tab, you can find sets for half the price, as well as bikinis and children’s swimwear starting at R$29.90.

The store is also full of accessories such as headbands, turbans and bandanas so you can make your baby even more stylish for a much cheaper price.

Take advantage of our tips from 10 online sites to buy cheap baby clothes to make your little one’s trousseau. In addition to saving on clothes, you can also pay less for food, hygiene and bed and bath items.

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