Caption for photos of clothes for sale: 8 tips to get it right!

Caption for photos of clothes for sale

Caption for photos of clothes for sale: 8 tips to get it right!

Today I’m going to show you 8 things that will help you create the best caption for pictures of clothes for sale. By following this step by step, your posts will be irresistible to your audience and will convert into sales.

Stay with me until the end and check it out:

Caption for photos of clothes for sale

1 – Simple and practical text

Nobody who sees a beautiful picture of an outfit wants to read a giant text explaining about it. Usually the interest is to know the value and other information such as size and color. So be very careful not to write too much!

I’m sure you’ve heard that expression “less is more”, haven’t you? Well it applies right here!

create short captions for your clothes photos and avoid any communication that could lead your client away from your publication.

2 – Give as much information as possible

The product caption is the moment you have to explain to the customer any questions you may have. That business, for example, of only presenting the price through a private message, has nothing.

As we’re talking about clothes, it’s nice to give as much detail as possible, see:

  • Value;
  • Form of payment;
  • Sizes;
  • Kind of fabric;
  • Available colors;
  • Whether the sale is wholesale or retail;
  • Pick-up location or delivery value;
  • Opening hours of your business.

3 – Use hashtags

If your goal is to create captions for clothing photos on Instagram, it is interesting to use the famous hashtags in the post (which are those keywords that are written with the help of a #).

Making these tags helps make your post more easily found there, which increases its reach and gives more people access to that product.

The point is that the use of this tool should not be random. Visit profiles that sell clothes in the same segment as yours and check which hashtags they usually use. The ideal is to take advantage of the ones that have the most possible mentions.

4 – Be careful with Portuguese

If we are talking about a sentence that will be placed in a professional profile, the care with the correct language needs to be redoubled. You can use some expressions and even slang depending on your target audience, no problem, but missing a Portuguese error can turn into a serious problem.

It is very likely that when reading something written wrong, the customer will soon feel insecure about your work and even forget about the idea of ​​buying in your hand.

So be careful! If you prefer, write everything beforehand in text editors so that they can signal in case of an error. If you have any doubts about writing a word, do some research before posting – it won’t take even 5 minutes out of your day.

5 – Emoji is a good deal (in moderation)

Emojis are those dolls that we usually use mainly in private conversations with friends and acquaintances. They are an interesting tool in clothing photo caption because they can break the ice with the follower and cause some approximation.

Care must be taken here not to overdo it. Uncontrolled use can cause confusion about the message you want to get across and can even give an air of amateurism.

6 – Be aware of what is hot

what to put in the instagram clothing caption

If you work with the sale of clothes through some platform on the internet, you should not only post publications with the intention of selling them. It is necessary to put things that are fun, informative, in addition to promotions or sweepstakes.

That’s why it’s important to always be aware of what happens around us, especially on the internet. Every day, funny new things appear that “bomb” and that can help you reach more.

Using a reference to something that is hot on the internet or to a movie, series, book, artist or even something more regional like legends or slang can help you break the seller and buyer ice.

Just don’t forget one thing: The referral needs to make sense to your audience, without too much effort.

7 – Be careful with the formatting of what you write

As much as I’ve told you that a caption on social network it should be as practical as possible, there are many situations where you will need to write a little more. When that happens, you need to worry about formatting your texts!

Paragraphs that are too long make you lazy just looking, so make the most of the space between them. This makes the publication lighter and easier to read.

8 – Induce interaction with your audience

Another thing that is interesting and should be used whenever possible in your subtitles is the famous call to action. These are expressions that we use to interact directly with the public and induce them to do something, even if it is to like, comment or share that publication.

You know those posts where things like “mark your friend here”, “what do you think about that?”, “link in the bio to find out more” and stuff like that? They arouse, in a subtle way, the interest in being part of something.

The more people feel that way and interact, the more the platform considers your photo important and that means more people will have access to it. All of this results in a much better chance of sales!

Check out now 3 examples for you to get inspired

Below I’m going to show you 3 examples of captions for clothing photos so you can get a sense of how they work. Remember to edit and add information according to your business, huh?


Example 1

Our new collection looks amazing! It’s one piece prettier than the other with unparalleled quality! Come check!

  • Value: 129.90
  • WhatsApp: (88)88888-8888
  • Rua Seu José, 13

Example 2

The comfort and elegance of our pants for you to compose the most beautiful looks! We deliver to your home, don’t miss it!

  • Value: 79.90
  • WhatsApp: (88)88888-8888
  • Address: Rua Seu José, 13

Example 3

Tube dress, sizes PP, P, M, G and XG, in pink, blue, red, green and lilac. The fabric is wonderful and fits really well. Come check it out or guarantee yours by phone that we deliver to your home!

  • Value: 49.90
  • WhatsApp: (88) 88888-8888
  • Address: Rua Seu José, 13

We learn by doing!

It is common to keep in mind that we should only do something when we know 100% of it. Sometimes even I think so, but the truth is that we only learn something and gain experience doing it.

Taking action is much more important than knowing. What is the use of having some knowledge and not putting it into practice? Nothing!

So, even if you don’t feel completely confident, focus on taking action and putting into practice every tip you’ve learned today.

Little by little, I’m sure you will become more comfortable and creating captions for clothing photos to sell much more easily. Then, when you least notice the results will appear!


Now it’s up to you, huh? I hope my tips have helped you and driven you to start working for your business as soon as possible.

Believe me: It will be much easier than you think!

I really appreciate your company and wish you all the luck in the world.

A hug!

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