Can You Over Knead Dough?

Overkneaded dough will be tough and make tough, chewy bread. If you’ve kneaded by hand, you don’t need to be too worried about overworked dough—you’ll start to notice it getting difficult to manage. It takes a lot of elbow grease to knead bread dough; you’ll likely tire yourself out before you can over-knead.

Another, very easy method of kneading dough is to use a bread machine. Most bread machines are programmed to mix ingredients and knead the dough for you which makes them an almost fool proof method of kneading. However, bread machines are limited in the kind of bread they can make so not all doughs will work in these convenient kitchen appliances.

Signs of Over Kneading. The first thing you will notice when you over knead a dough is that it will feel very dense and stiff. It will be hard to press the dough down and flatten it on the counter. It will also be hard to knead by hand and resist being re shaped. The dough will likely rip easily rather than stretch when pulled.

Kneading bread dough allows the protein molecules in the flour to form, creating healthy gluten strands. Gluten is what helps the mixture create gas, which helps it rise and build texture.

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