Can I have 2 OfferUp accounts?

Can I have 2 OfferUp accounts?

Can I have 2 OfferUp accounts?

Please: Use one account per user. Don’t use a throw-away email address. This signals to us that you might not be here for the right reasons.

Then, What’s another app like OfferUp?

Apps Like Offerup

  • Letgo.
  • eBay.
  • OLX.
  • Craigslist.
  • Close5.
  • Recycler.
  • Yerdle.
  • Oodle.

How can you tell a fake account on OfferUp?

Some common examples include:

  1. The seller asks to be paid outside the OfferUp app.
  2. The seller makes an offer for an item that seems too good to be true.
  3. The buyer offers more than the listed price.
  4. The seller claims to pay for shipping fees and wants to send you an invoice.

How did I violate community guidelines on OfferUp?

Impersonation of another buyer, seller, OfferUp employee, or other entity in communications. Any other misleading, fake, or malicious communication. Misrepresenting yourself, or the products you’re selling.

What happens when you report someone on OfferUp?

When you report someone in the app, you’re reporting them to OfferUp. We might follow up with you if additional information is needed. If someone is bothering you, you can block them. You won’t receive further messages from them and any current message threads you have with them will also disappear.


Did OfferUp buy letgo?

Letgo is now part of OfferUp!

Is OfferUp or letgo better?

While LetGo is safer and the more popular app of the two, OfferUp is the better app in terms of customer service. Both LetGo and OfferUp have their apps available on the Apple and Google Play App Store. With over 30 million users, LetGo is more popular than OfferUp. It has been featured in many commercials lately.

Which is better Craigslist or OfferUp?

And the Winner Is

Craigslist is worth it if you’re willing to put up with potentially flaky sellers. If you’re a regular seller who hopes to generate a reputation with buyers, OfferUp is the way to go! It’s easy to use and great for regular users.

Why do people post fake items on OfferUp?

In addition to the malware, the fake OfferUp website will offer fake items on the site to entice you into attempting to purchase these items. When you attempt to buy the item, you’ll arrive at an online payment form, where there are (supposed) options to pay using a wire transfer, gift card or electronic check.

Is Craigslist better than OfferUp?

Craigslist is worth it if you’re willing to put up with potentially flaky sellers. If you’re a regular seller who hopes to generate a reputation with buyers, OfferUp is the way to go! It’s easy to use and great for regular users.

Can you sue someone on OfferUp?

Can you be sued? Yes, anybody who can find a courthouse and pay a filing fee (or submit a proper pauper’s affidavit) can file suit.

Why am I not getting responses on OfferUp?

If you’re not getting notifications as expected, there are a few device settings you can check that may help. Make sure your OfferUp notifications are turned on. Some data-saving and power-saving settings on your device can affect notifications: Battery-saving mode.

What is the best time to post on OfferUp?

I have noticed that listing around noon, or around 7pm at night my ads almost always get a better response than other times. I believe this is because it puts my ad at the top when people are actually browsing.

What do you do if you get ripped off on OfferUp?

How to file a claim

  1. Within 2 days of receiving the item, first let the seller know if you didn’t get what you expected.
  2. If they decline or do not answer after 2 business days of submitting the refund request, use the ‘Get help from OfferUp button’ located in your chat message (found in the refund confirmation message).

Can you see who rated you on OfferUp?

You can see how other buyers and sellers have rated them, read reviews, and see badges they’ve earned on OfferUp. This can help you judge which sellers might be best to work with.

What is let go called now?

OfferUp on Monday merged the Letgo marketplace onto its app following the company’s acquisition earlier this year. With the addition of rival Letgo, OfferUp now has a U.S. customer base of more than 20 million monthly active users who use its app to buy and sell used goods.

Who is the owner of OfferUp?

Enter Nick Huzar and Arean van Veelen. They are the two young entrepreneurs behind OfferUp, the mobile-driven local marketplace that is disrupting the way that we buy and sell merchandise.

Who is the CEO of OfferUp?

OfferUp hires former managing director Todd Dunlap as new CEO. Seattle-area startup OfferUp has a new CEO. The popular mobile marketplace hired former managing director Todd Dunlap to lead the company, one of the Seattle region’s only tech startups valued at more than $1 billion.

Do people still use Craigslist?

Yes, there is absolutely still a place for Craigslist. With well over 100,000,000 monthly visitors they are still a force to be reckoned with. If you are looking to move some of your items into new homes, it can still be worth trying. However, don’t use it simply because you think there are no other options.

What happened to let go?

In September 2019, Naspers spun off its investments in Letgo into a separate company, Prosus. In March 2020, competitor OfferUp announced they would be acquiring Letgo. As of September 21, 2020, Letgo has officially become a part of OfferUp.

Which is the best app to sell items?

  • Best for Big-Ticket Items eBay. Sign Up Now.
  • Best for Reaching a Wider Audience Meta Marketplace. Sign Up Now.
  • Best for Local Sales Nextdoor.
  • Best for Buyers OfferUp.
  • Runner-Up, Best for Reaching a Wider Audience CPlus for Craigslist.
  • Best for Selling Designer Items Poshmark.
  • Runner-Up, Best for Selling Designer Items Tradesy.

What are the most sold items on OfferUp?

10 Best Things to Sell On OfferUp 2022

  • Furniture.
  • Kitchen Appliances.
  • Power Tools.
  • Baby Items.
  • Large Appliances.
  • Sports Equipment.
  • Handmade Items.
  • Home Decor.

Does anyone use Craigslist anymore?

Do People Still Use Craigslist? Absolutely. You can search your local area on Craigslist and find used furniture, cars, rentals, and even jobs. However, because so many Craiglist alternatives exist, it is no longer a one-stop shopping powerhouse when it debuted in 1995.

How does OfferUp make money?

OfferUp is a mobile-first C2C marketplace on which users can buy and sell items. Available categories include clothing, furniture, automobiles, and many more. OfferUp makes money from fees paid by sellers, advertising on its platform, as well as from selling software to car dealers.

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