Can A Diabetic Have Egg Noodles?

The blood sugar increases base on the amount you consume and the type of noodles you choose to eat. Glycemic index at 55 or below may not cause a spike in the blood sugar, and when the glycemic index is at 70 and above, there is a possibility for a high rise in the blood sugar level. The egg noodles’ glycemic index is at 40.

Combining your egg noodles with buckwheat doesn’t have any negative impact on the blood sugar compared to pasta that is full of carbohydrates. When food is served in little portion and eaten in moderation, diabetes risk can be controlled.

Most types of noodles are high in carbohydrate and will raise blood glucose above safe levels. The only safe noodles for diabetics are a special kind of noodle called ‘shirataki’ which are made from fiber, and contain almost zero carbohydrates.

When you boil your noodles for a long time, it raises the blood sugar, egg noodles glycemic index is low when you boil the noodles until they are slightly firm.

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