CAIPIRA FASHION TIPS: Clothes, Photos, Looks, Fashion

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CAIPIRA FASHION TIPS: Clothes, Photos, Looks, Fashion

THE redneck fashion it never goes out of style, and it’s not only at June parties that it appears, where do you think the fringes on boots, bags and many other accessories came from? All of this is redneck fashion.

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The most common items are plaid-print blouses, leather clothes and bags, and boots, but they are far from being the only ones. To give a rustic look to the look, you can use a handkerchief or even jeans.

When you go to a June party, you can put together all the accessories and country clothes as it will be like a costume, but if it’s for everyday, just wear one or two pieces, so the look doesn’t get so heavy and doesn’t even look like you just got back from the farm.

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The rustic costume for the June party cannot leave out the boot, the jeans, the checked button-down shirt and the handkerchief. In everyday life, if you wear a plaid shirt, it already alludes to this fashion.

If you like to be a little more daring, you can combine a plaid shirt with a tall boot, it will look good in redneck fashion. An all-jean outfit with a non-black boot is also a totally unremarkable look. hillbilly style, if you add a bag with the same color as the boot or fringes, then it’s redneck.

Don’t think that if you go out there in redneck fashion, you’ll be tacky or looking like you’re dressed, it’s super trendy and even on the catwalks there are many examples of redneck look.

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If you don’t like to exaggerate, a well-rounded floral dress is already enough to stay in redneck fashion without exaggerating, it looks beautiful, romantic and doesn’t go out of style. Ah, a little belt over the dress also helps and the sunglasses complete the look.

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Guys can wear the sharpest leather boots or shoes and belt with a buckle, it’s 100% country, if the pants are tighter then, depending on the guy’s body, it’s a blast.

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Straw hats can be used by men and women, but it’s not that super rustic hat without finishing, huh, it’s the cute hat.

The youngest ones can wear a pair of denim shorts, combined with a plaid shirt with long sleeves, sunglasses and boots, with short or long legs, depending on your body type and what has more to do with you.

Fashion is not just in Brazil, so if you go on an international trip, you will probably see a lot of women mainly, but also men wearing the look in rustic fashion.

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The fringes were successful in 2014 and are still on the rise in 2015, abuse them that in addition to being beautiful are super everything to do with rustic fashion, another trend that has a lot to do with this fashion is the destroyed, can be in shorts or pants, both are beautiful and match the rest of the accessories following this trend.

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