Black chanel hair: 5 tips to bet on the look + tricks on how to take care of the strands

Black chanel hair: 5 tips to bet on the look + tricks on how to take care of the strands

1. Black hair gives the chanel a classic touch

If you have black hair, whether natural or dyed, know that the chanel can be full of style and with a mood inspired by one of the greatest French stylists: Coco Chanel, the creator of the look! It is said that the cut came after Coco, late for an appointment, burned the ends of her hair with the blow dryer and cut the locks themselves. Then came the timeless classic we know today!

2. If you make a progressive brush, make the base of the cut straight

The progressive brush usually leaves the ends of the hair very flat, which end up splitting when they are frayed in the cuts. Therefore, the tip to avoid this look of very straight ends is to make the cut with a straight base: in addition to this symmetrical and straight effect, called blunt cut, currently being a trend, it helps to thicken the ends and avoid the dry effect. the edges.

Tip: ask the professional to create a very light fraying “above” the straight base, to give balance and lightness to the cut.

3. Make a fringe if you want a retro look

Love a retro look? So, go fearless in the fringe chanel! In this article here we count the fringes that are the biggest trends: curtain, straight and the “curtain bangs”. They all look great on the chanel and, to top it off, leave the vintage look in the most classic cut in history!

3. Bet on layers if your hair is curly or wavy

If your hair is curly or wavy, it’s worth betting on the chopped chanel! The layers give movement, balance and leave the chanel stripped and modern, in addition to balancing the volume of the curls! If you love this effect, it’s worth creating well-marked layers at the back and front. If you are the owner of a more discreet style, use only the front strands to lighten the look.

4. Bet on the peaked chanel if you don’t want to completely let go of your long hair

Have you ever heard of the beaked chanel? It’s nothing more than a chanel cut with a longer streak at the front. Unlike the long bob, which also has longer front strands, the peaked chanel has the ends well aligned vertically, an effect that helps give the modern touch with elegance. The cut is a good option for those who have long hair and don’t want to let go of the long look at once.

5. Know how to style the hairline with the short cut

A detail that gains a huge highlight when the hair is short is the stripe, in other words, the division of the hair! If you like a look à la Kardashian, well into the trends, bet on the central stripe, which leaves your hair well parted in the middle, especially if it is straight. If you like more movement in your hair, the tip is to bet on the side stripe.

How to take care of black chanel cut?

Retouch: the tip is to touch up the cut every 3 months, on average, to keep the drape and the height of the chanel up to date.

Shine: in black hair, enhancing shine is essential! Bet on hair oils, such as Elseve Extraordinary Oil, which doesn’t weigh down on the threads, and doesn’t neglect nutrition, which leaves hair shinier and, as a bonus, avoids split ends.

Curling iron: if you like the flat effect on the chanel, go for the flat iron, but without forgetting the leave-in with thermal protection!

Shampoo: as the chanel is a short cut, it is natural for the oil to reach the ends faster, especially if it is smooth, like most. The tip is to use lines of shampoo and conditioner for mixed hair, which balances the oil at the root while moisturizing the ends.

Article published on March 26, 2021, by Webedia.

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