apply the right one to each hair

apply the right one to each hair

apply the right one to each hair


Like women, men also love to take care of their appearance and do not give up going to the barber frequently to have a good haircut.

Vanity is not restricted to the female universe and they equally want to feel beautiful and elegant. Therefore, they are always looking for new male haircut techniques to innovate!

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The haircut is one of the main concerns when it comes to male appearance, as the haircut alone completely changes a man’s appearance.

Thus, there are different techniques to cut male hair and this is what we are going to talk about in the post! Follow up!

What you still don’t know about men’s haircuts?

There are several different ways to cut men’s hair and make it even more stylish and elegant.

Barbers need to take numerous precautions so that the end result is pleasant for the client, in addition to avoiding possible skin bruises, among other mistakes.

For each haircut there is a specific technique that provides a better result, in addition to simplifying the entire process.

Therefore, each barber needs to study hard and acquire knowledge about the most varied methods.

Thus, you will be better able to define which is the best among each type of client and cut.

Furthermore, the different cutting tools (machine, scissors and knife) provide different results on the wires and, when combined, give unique results.

For example, you can reserve the scissors for the top of the head, the machine for the sides and the razor for finishing and finishing the nape of the neck.

Thus, you will be reconciling different effects in a single hair and making the production more similar to your client’s taste and style. The result will be a personalized and unique cut, with the characteristics that your customer values.

Woman shaving a man's hair

Male Haircut Techniques You Need to Know

Each cutting technique has its specificity and works best when applied to the most appropriate hair types and clients.

You must know your client, style and preferences in order to define the best cut and technique.

Next, we’ll talk about some cutting techniques and how to perform them. Check out:

Haircut Techniques for Beginners

Many people think they know how to cut hair. Despite this, some of them are not aware of the rules and essential techniques for a good haircut.

These techniques are very important and make all the difference in the final result.

When a client asks for a suggestion for a change in look, an inexperienced hairdresser will usually suggest three or four types of hairstyles that are in fashion.

However, the danger of this type of recommendation is that a style, no matter how trendy, may not match the person’s appearance.

Therefore, among the men’s haircut techniques step-by-step for beginners is the need to carry out a complete hair diagnosis, analyzing the following factors:

Thickness of the threads

Before starting any cut, you first need to analyze the structure of the strands, and then conclude if your client’s hair is fine, medium or thick.

That way you can decide between different types of cuts.

For example, if a customer wants to create volume but has thin threads, a specific technique will need to be used. Likewise, if the desire is to end the volume of thick hair, another methodology should be used.


Porous hair usually has open cuticles and suffers from the frizz effect. Previous chemical procedures or lack of special care in daily routine are common causes of this condition.

Therefore, if your customer’s wires are too porous, you will need to be more careful when using tools.

Under these circumstances, the hair loses weight and mass, which directly influences the haircut.

wire format

The shape of the wires is another factor that directly influences the final result of a cut.

Straight, wavy, curly and frizzy hair are different and, therefore, provide a unique fit for each look.

So, don’t do the same type of cut that you would make straight hair in strands that are curly. That’s because the curls of this type of hair lose volume and movement with an incorrect cut.

Male haircutting techniques with machine

The machine is one of the most used instruments for cutting hair.

It provides different effects, in addition to allowing numerous types of cuts, such as gradient, military, undercut and razor part.


We even have a post on how to cut male hair in gradient, check it out here!

The height of the comb must be observed when cutting hair with a machine. The numbered 7 and 8 combs are recommended for long strands, as they leave a 2.5 cm margin of hair from the scalp.

They can also be used to trim the hairs from the top of the head, if the man likes a topknot or bangs.

Combs 1 and 2 are more suitable for finishing the sides and back of the head. They leave the strands very low and give a very modern look to styles like the gradient and the social haircut.

Male haircutting techniques with scissors

Cutting male hair with scissors is a challenge for some barbers. That’s because there are special techniques that range from how the scissors are held, to how to cut a lock.

The right choice of fingers that will be positioned between the links of the scissors is the first rule of thumb for beginners.

The initial tendency for most people is to place their thumb and index finger between the links. However, this is not the best way to hold a scissors.

The correct way to do this is, on the bottom link, to position the thumb, while on the top link, the ring finger should be positioned.

This technique is the most indicated because the other three fingers will be free and will give you greater movement and security to hold the instrument.

Another effective methodology is to move just the thumb, bringing only the top blade up and down. This way, the final cut will be more precise, straight and safer to be applied.

Person cutting the ends of a woman's hair

Know the types of cuts and avoid mistakes when cutting

Men have a huge selection of haircuts at their disposal and deciding between so many models is a little difficult when you don’t know the difference between them.

Next, we’ll talk about the most popular types of haircuts in the male universe so that you can choose your favorite one.

military court

Also known as Buzz Cut, this cut is inspired by the 1950s military, who needed practicality and speed in their daily routine.

It’s super easy to maintain, and it matches all face shapes and hair types.

This cut is commonly done with the help of the machine, especially with combs from 1 to 3. It is also worth using the 0.5 comb to finish, in addition to the razor on the sides of the head close to the ear and nape.

Military style men's cutting technique

man with military style cut

Textured cut with bangs

Indicated for men who want a very laid-back and modern style, the textured cut with fringe is quite successful and is a trend.

Thick yarns combine better in this type of cut because they provide greater volume and the possibility of texturing.

In addition, it is worth betting on men who have little hair in the middle of the head or swirl in the front.

Man with textured cut with bangs

French Crop

The French Crop, just like the military, also suits all face shapes and styles. Despite this, it is best suited to reduce the size of the forehead or hide possible imperfections.

Maintaining this cut is also quite simple, as it is not necessary to use any other product to style your hair on a daily basis, leaving the strands with a natural fall.

In this cut, using the machine on the sides and back of the head, in addition to the scissors on top, is a good option. It is also worth betting on the razor to give a better finish to the nape and sides.

Male French Crop Male Cutting Technique

Male French Crop Male Cutting Technique

Afro shaped

This cut became popular between the 1980s and 1990s thanks to artists such as Will Smith. It is a classic that never goes out of style, in addition to being super suitable for men with frizzy hair.

Cut made in very long strands, as its main feature is a forelock on the head. Use the scissors on the top and the machine on the sides and back to give the ideal finish.

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