90 sentences to express a mother’s love

90 sentences to express a mother's love

90 sentences to express a mother’s love


If you are a mother, you know that the love you feel for your child is eternal and unconditional, but we also know that you never get tired of wanting to prove it to him every day. A great way to express that feeling is with a nice photo of the two of you.

Phrases and captions for a photo with a child

Then, check out a careful selection of the most beautiful phrases for a photo with your child, which will help you show all the love you feel.

My heart out of the body!

You will always be the little piece of people I most want to take care of.

You came to change my life!

My children’s happiness is my own happiness.

I will pray every day for your happiness.

Definition of love.

The most perfect, pure and sincere love.

The love we give to our children doesn’t diminish by being shared. It multiplies! Each of my little ones has a piece of my heart.

You cheer me up, enchant me and enlighten me. You are the best thing that ever happened to me!

With you I learned to be happy the way I wanted!


My strength comes from that smile!

You were born from me, I was reborn from you!

My eyes weren’t open before you arrived. If before I saw the world in a way, I now realize how much bigger it is.

The best gift God ever gave me.

My child, my jewel, my life, my love!

Even without knowing it, I’ve spent my whole life waiting for your arrival.

Our little big love!

You made my life overflow with happiness!

My rare gem cut by the hands of God!

You were born to the world and I was reborn to life. I love you, my beloved daughter!


There is no way to describe the size and strength of the love I feel for you.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it’s gotten better since you arrived. – Nando Reis

A love that starts in the belly can never be erased. I love you so much, my son!

You are a divine gift that brought out the best version of me and your father.

When I took you in my arms I discovered how great a mother’s love is.

My most precious possession.

Perhaps one life is too little for so much love that I’ve been saving to give you.

You are like that, a dream for me… – Tribalists

He is our angel. Only without wings.

Everything about you has grace and joy, it’s different and special. Watching you grow is a gift, the best show in the world.

Lu Ferreira

Loving you is a gift.

You are my beloved son. My gift from heaven.

With you, I learned what love is.

Your happiness is my priority. I love you, my little one.

You are the most beautiful thing I have ever done in this life.

The most precious gift I have received from God, my morning star. – Mauricio Manieri

A love so pure that you don’t even know how strong it is, it’s yours and no one else. – Djavan

You are more than I know, more than I thought, more than I expected. – Tim Maia

I promise to be your safe haven forever. I promise to give you my love forever. – Ana Vilela

In my heart you will be forever. – Ed Motta

Act Volkman

Flower that blooms each morning, source of love that is endless. – Aline Barros

I know I will love you all my life. – Vinicius de Moraes

Family is a source of inexhaustible love. – Fabio Jr.

If I didn’t love you that much, maybe I’d lose the dreams inside me and live in darkness. – Ivete Sangalo

After you I am someone else. A very different person: someone better and much more smiling.

A child may get too big for your lap, but he will never get too big for your heart.

People who melt with their children’s beautiful smiles.

I gave you life and you changed mine.

A child fills a place in your heart that you didn’t even know was empty.

You were my little big miracle and now you’re my reason for living.


You’re barely born and already manage to be the little person I love the most in this whole world, my son.

Children are the anchors of life for mothers.

Reason for my living.

My beloved son, live your life with the certainty that I will always be by your side.

So God made me a mother and that’s how I met the greatest love of my life!

God gives us children to test our ability to love others more than ourselves.

You are my angel.

If I can live a thousand years, I want them all to be there for you!

No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my little one.

Better than loving one child is loving two!

Isabeli Fontana

I love you and that’s enough for me to be happy.

To love is to live and I live because I love you.

My greatest joy is knowing I have you to love.

It feels so good to die of love and go on living. – Mario Quintana

My world is all yours, my son!

The most beautiful smile and the purest heart.

The love I feel for you is infinite!

The love I feel for you will always be the answer to all my uncertainties.

My children are my world, my everything and for them I have a greater love than life!

Son, you were the most beautiful story that God wrote in my life. Love you!

Paulinha Sampaio

Children: love without limits and for life.

A mother’s heart is always for her children.

My children are my pride, the reason for my life and the great love I carry in my heart!

The best part of me. – NX Zero

The light in your eyes is what guides me.

I live for you.

If it’s up to me, you’ll be the happiest person in the world.

I’m proud of what a wonderful person you are becoming. I will love you forever!

My love is yours, but I give you one more time. – Marcelo Camelo

I’ll hope it’s you and me. – Mallu MagalhΓ£es


A child strengthens our love of life.

My pride, my wonderful son, I am a fulfilled mother because I have you by my side.

Even when I close you open my smile. – otherself

My love has a gentle way that is only yours. – Chico Buarque

My smile is much prettier when it’s for you. – Ana Gabriela

You make Me Feel so good.

I find the most perfect love in the world every day in your smile.

I am the luckiest mother in the world to have such a dear and perfect child.

My children are true treasures!

I don’t remember what I was like before you. – Titans

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