9 tips for you to take care and look beautiful

9 tips for you to take care and look beautiful

9 tips for you to take care and look beautiful

O short curly hair it has a jaw-dropping presence. Not only for its beautiful volume, but also for its balance and texture.

However, the problem is that many women, not being aware of the curvature of the hair, end up not treating them correctly.

We know that information about curly tresses was not always available as it is today. But, cheer up! This really is something that has been in the past. So much so that, in this article, we’re going to give you amazing tips for perfect maintenance! Check out!

9 Basic Tips for Having Dream Short Curly Hair

As it is simple to see, short frizzy hair is one of the most commonly complicated to deal with. It is very sensitive in its various curvatures, so care should be taken double.

By the way, there are several tips that are able to contribute to a great appearance of the curlers. Not to mention that they will make them more protected and really beautiful.

1. Do not use excessively hot water

Very high water temperatures during the washing process of curly tresses is a danger! They, by themselves, are already quite fragile. Hot water removes all the natural oils, in addition to damaging the fibre.

2. Apply a suitable shampoo only to the roots

right shampoos have astringent assets. Like hot water, they end up removing the oil from the threads, leaving them well dry. The tip and the entire length of the frizzy hair are drier. Therefore, it is recommended to apply a shampoo more specific only at the root. This will clean the scalp without major problems.

3. Apply a pre-shampoo

Another great tip for short curly hair is to avoid drying out during washing. To do this, protect the strands using a pre-shampoo. This is a cream-like product. You will use it before the bath in order to reduce the astringency of the shampoo normal.

4. Co-wash is a good choice for short frizzy hair

There is also another indicated way of washing: the β€œco-wash”. It’s basically something like a cleanup that is done without the shampoo, also known as conditioner for cleaning.

In short, the co-wash not only cleans, but protects against dryness, maintaining hair nutrition.

5. Beware of disentangling short curly hair

Two recommendations: the first is never to untangle with dry locks. Prefer to do this while taking a shower, after applying the conditioner. The second tip is to always start from the bottom going up, so that breakage is avoided.

6. Do not use a towel on your hair

The fabrics of common towels cause the frizz in all hair types, especially frizzy ones. These have a greater tendency to present such a factor. So, change the traditional towel for cotton fabrics, for example, an old shirt.

short curly hair

7. Hydrate often

Any hair needs hydration. However, moisturizing short curly hair is paramount to maintaining a beautiful and healthy appearance. Due to extreme dryness, take hydration seriously.

Try to moisturize the strands whenever you wash your hair. If you feel they are heavy, moisturize with wash intervals.

8. Always moisten!

The oil, even if it doesn’t look like it, is essential for maintaining the perfect health of short frizzy hair. This is because it, naturally, shows itself to be lacking in this component.

For this reason, a good ally of curly women is moisturizing – even more than moisturizing. Therefore, opt for moisturizing masks enriched with a lot of oil, not leaving aside the capillary moisturizing made with pure vegetable oils.

9. Wear satin pillowcases

Other enhancers of the frizz on the threads are the cotton pillowcases. The friction between the pillowcase made of this material and the hair causes β€œshivering” hair.

To avoid such a situation, bet on satin pillowcases. This will save you from curling up your curls or even having them fall apart overnight. Another good option is to wear satin caps.

More valuable tips

  • A great option that prevents the strands from drying out during washing is to prioritize the use of shampoos without salt. They have a much gentler cleaning, without completely removing the oiliness that short curly hair has;
  • Choosing cotton fabrics when drying the threads will not always be enough. Cotton, if rubbed frequently, also causes frizz. Therefore, in addition to opting for such fabric, which is obviously less aggressive than common towels, remember that you cannot rub your hair. Just press against the wire, from the top to the bottom, to remove excess water.

Why do short frizzy hair appear more dry?

This is due to the curvature of the wires, which are usually spiraled or have a β€œZ” shape. Thus, the natural oil that remains in the scalp ends up having a greater difficulty to travel along the length to the ends. Because of this, the frizzy locks need a greater degree of hydration, especially nutrition, through vegetable oils.

Short curly hair: the advantages of a short cut

In addition to providing a more versatile, modern and laid-back look, short curly hair is the best choice for those women who need more practicality in their day.

This is because such length brings ease when styling the lock. It turns out to be just the way you expect it to in less time than usual and with a smaller amount of finishing products.

Short curly hair: is there a way to do a good styling?

For me your hair is well styled, you can opt for a good, quality and reliable product. Those that have in their composition an adequate amount of aloe gel, offers an action of those 5 in 1. Furthermore, they are very suitable for daily use.

You can also choose from several hairstyles in the short curly hair. There are several legal options, such as afro. puff fake sidecut and a low bun.

short curly hair short curly hair short curly hair short curly hairshort curly hairshort curly hair

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