8 killer makeup tips for bridesmaids

makeup for maid of honor

8 killer makeup tips for bridesmaids

makeup for maid of honor

When we find out that we are going to be bridesmaids, soon comes that butterflies in our stomachs and anxiety for the special day, right?

But what most disturbs women is production. What dress am I going to wear? And the shoe, should it match the dress? And worst of all, what about makeup?

Today, we’re going to leave here several powerful tips on makeup for the bridesmaid. Write everything down and you will rock on the day of the celebration!

Best Makeup Colors for Bridesmaids

1 – Makeup Colors for Outdoor Weddings

Makeup for the day and outdoor bridesmaid should be discreet, not exaggerating the tone and mixing colors.

Like this make up below, the model is wearing a beautiful pink with a slight smoky edge, well outlined and a moderate amount of shine. Can be finished off with a neutral lipstick with a matte effect.


2 – Makeup Colors for Evening Weddings

For night weddings, the bets are for makes with a lot of shine and striking, but be very careful with the combination.

This model below, chose a smoky blue tone and with a lot of shine. And to balance and not leave the look too charged, it is recommended to use a natural color lipstick.


3 – Light Skin Godmother Makeup

Godmothers with lighter skin, can abuse the colors a little and thus highlight the makeup, but always remembering to match the tone of the dress.

This image below shows how beautiful and striking colored makeup for fair skin is, it is indicated in this case, be careful with the chosen lipstick, always a lighter color.


4 – Dark-skinned Godmothers

Godmothers with dark skin combine very well with a red lipstick, they are simply beautiful.

Like this make up below, she chose a golden eye shadow, which paired beautifully with red lipstick. What did you think?


5 – Black-skinned Godmothers

Makeup for bridesmaids with black skin, should also be tone on tone, always adapting to the dress and no exaggeration.

And how about highlighting the make with a beautiful blue eyeliner like this? It will be a success, and finally, it’s worth betting on a matte lipstick or with a light shine.


Makeup For Bridesmaid And Dress

6 – Light Dresses

Ideal for the godmother who chooses dresses in light tones, it is a more striking makeup, as it enhances the contrast and makes the woman more attractive.

Unless the godmother likes romantic and sweet styles, in this case, she combines very well light dresses with light and light makeup. See two examples below:


7 – Dark Dresses

For dresses in dark tones, the tip is to moderate the eyeshadow, and abuse eyelash masks. Prefer light eyeshadows and a modest shine.

As in the model below, it is charming and elegant, without exaggeration in the make.


8 – Flowery or Colorful Dresses

A flowery dress has the face of summer, and the secret of a makeup for a bridesmaid with this dress model is to bet on the wild card. The lipstick.

If you want, you can even abuse the mask, but prefer less striking eyeshadows, and as for lipstick, look for a strong color that matches and is in accordance with any existing color in the dress, as in the image below:


We hope we have helped you to choose a make that suits you. Now there is no secret about makeup for the bridesmaid, just choose, look beautiful and rock the big day!

Images Via: Beleza Cultura Mix / Entrelaçadas Blog / Bruna Machado / Cassitcha / Emotion / Fashionism / Juliana Chechin / Beauty Woman / Quem Magazine

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