72 Instagram Bio Phrases, ready to be copied.

72 Instagram Bio Phrases, ready to be copied.

72 Instagram Bio Phrases, ready to be copied.

72 Instagram Bio Phrases, ready to be copied.

Phrases for Instagram Bio, as the name implies, they are used in the Instagram bio and there’s a single reason they’re used: to describe the purpose of your Instagram profile.

Speaking like that, it might seem easy, creating a description for your bio, however, most people balk when they stop to write their phrases for Instagram Bio.

Thinking of helping you, who probably have this problem, I created and selected 72 phrases for Instagram Bio.

In this selection you will find phrases for bio from Instagram Feminina, Curtas, de Deus, for those who have a physical store, work with digital marketing and much more.

I’m sure you will find the ideal phrase for your Instagram biography.

Feel free to copy and paste.

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72 Phrases for Instagram Bio

1 – Biography phrases for Instagram Female

► Really chic is being good! ✨

► My greatest love is me!

► Delicate and strong, this is me!

► A woman in the body, a girl in the soul

► Mother, wife, wife and entrepreneur…I don’t know how I do it, but this is my life!

► Just trying to take it one day at a time! See in the stories.

► The best thing is to be myself…self love is everything!

► I’m in charge of my life…I’m the one who decides who stays and who goes!

► I choose to be a woman, love myself and love the life I live!🤗

► I conquered my success, with every attitude I took!

► I am a mother, a housewife and a digital entrepreneur…see how I do all this in the stories.

2 – Bio Phrases for Digital Marketing

► Specialist in digital mkt for mothers with a double journey.

► Affiliate with___(insert the achievements you already have on hotmart)

► I help small business owners create a digital presence on social media

► Specialist in Pinterest sales.

► I got to know the digital mkt, and increased my physical store’s revenue by 100%…learn how👇

► Digital mkt for beginners…see how to start selling every day.

► I love the digital market, I teach the strategies that make me invoice 10 thousand per month.

► Specialist in blog sales, click on the link to find out faturo___(the amount you invoice)

► Content creator for brick-and-mortar stores, click on the link to see my customers’ results.👇

3 – Unusual sentences for Biography for Instagram ready

► Addicted to cheap makeup…see all my tips in the stories

► I love pizzas, desserts and ice cream! You can judge me if you want.’

► I don’t know how I manage to be organized, a mother and an entrepreneur!

► Housewife for love, vain for passion!

► I don’t work for others…I work to maintain my luxuries!

► If I LOVE ME… enough to live 200 lives in the same body, if necessary.

► Self-esteem is everything, so I cultivate mine every second!😍

► I am a housewife for love, and that does not make me an unhappy woman, quite the opposite.

► Being different is being normal…that’s why I’m so UNIQUE!😎

4 – Short Biography Phrases for Personal Instagram

► That’s me… period!

► Slowly…slowly!

► I let life take me…

► I only have what I’m fighting for!

► Deal, play and risk!

► My life is all about Agredecer!

► My life is my reflection

► Welcome is me!

► Enter the door is open🙃

► Upside down…this is my life!

► Only those who see it understand.

► Driven by challenges.


5 – Examples of Biography for Instagram with famous quotes

► Wanting to be someone different from you is a waste of who you are. Kurt Cobain

► Do not seek to be someone of success, but someone of value. Albert Einstein

► The mind is everything. You are what you think. – Buddha

► Nothing so good is not difficult. – Scott Fitzgerald

► Life is much greater than the sum of its moments. – Zygmunt Bauman

► The beauty of things must be that they have an end. – Jack Kerouac

► Just be yourself, there is no one better. – Taylor Swift

► Living is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. – Oscar Wilde

► The mind is perhaps simply too small to understand the mind. Colin McGinn

► “Try to move the world – the first step will be to move yourself.” (Plato)

► If you want to predict the future, study the past.” (Confucius)

► “Wise is one who knows the limits of his own ignorance.” (Socrates)

► “Let no one be mistaken, simplicity can only be achieved through hard work.” (Clarice Lispector)

6 – Phrases for online stores for Instagram Bio

► See our best selling products👇

► The bikini you need is here, click on the link to choose.

► Every store with 10% off, Enjoy!

► Multibrand store ______ (city name), delivers throughout Brazil

► Baby outfit…Online consultancy for purchases in the best online stores.

► Creative and personalized stationery…see our products.👇

► Women’s Clothing and Accessories

► Children’s clothing and accessories

7 – Bio Instagram phrases for Christian profiles

► It is God who guides my life!

► Sou____(insert your religion) for love and choice!

► I only do what God approves!

► God is the way, the truth and the life.

► My life is only worth it because God is with me.

► I listen to God at all times, he is in me.

► I love God, when I’m happy, sad, in trouble or without.

► God is my best friend, he is the one who knows all my plans.

► God’s plans are always bigger than mine.

► I plan, I take action and God makes it happen.

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