7 tips on how to buy clothes in Brás and on March 25th

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7 tips on how to buy clothes in Brás and on March 25th –

Many people work with the retail of clothing, shoes and accessories and want to know how to buy clothes in Brás and 25 de Março. One of the most popular places, due to affordable prices and large volume of stores, is the region of Brás and 25 de Março, in the center of São Paulo.

However, to find the best options, it is necessary to prepare, as the Brazil is an entire neighborhood dedicated to the clothing trade, and the March 25th street is considered the largest commercial center in Latin America.

Both regions are well known throughout the country. To give you an idea, on normal days, the 25th March receives 400 thousand visitors/day. In the days before Christmas, the number can reach 1 million people/day.

O Brazil don’t lag behind. Considered the largest clothing manufacturing hub in Brazil, there are 55 commercial streets and more than 5,000 stores that function as a distribution center. With several stores and options, the neighborhood is one of the most sought after by retailers throughout Brazil.

With that in mind, we have prepared 7 tips that will transform the way you shop in these places. Good reading!

7 Tips on how to buy clothes in Brás and 25 de Março

Price research

This is a must-have item when it comes to buying clothes in Brás and on March 25th. It is essential that before making purchases, you keep in mind what is the amount you are willing to pay.

Having a financial plan in mind and how much is worth paying for each piece can be the difference in your purchases, after all, you need to think about which pieces are in fashion and which ones have guaranteed output.

how-to-buy-clothes-in-Brás-and-on-March 25th-discount


Of course, asking for a discount is no shame for anyone! Many shopkeepers end up giving in and giving discounts on some items, even more in season changes, when some items are left over.

So, take the opportunity to ask for that discount and take some extra pieces to your store. Remember if! Every penny you save will reflect your profit margin.


This is undoubtedly one of the relevant factors: location.

The distance between Brás and the 25th of March is approximately 4 km! Being in the city center, they are close to the train and subway stations, making life easier for visitors.

And attention: be sure to search the map with all available lines and the interconnection between them, this will facilitate your trip to these shopping centers.


Now, another option for those who want to buy clothes in Brás and on 25 de Março are buses that offer the pick-up service.

Thus, it is possible to arrive in São Paulo in one day and return home the next day.

Pick-up and return tours, such as the company’s , has departures every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday departing from Belo Horizonte or Contagem.

Shopping Poles

retail vs. wholesale

When buying clothes in Brás and 25 de Março, pay attention to the store’s sales format. Many brands end up choosing to sell only at retail, while others find wholesale more advantageous.

Usually the stores that are closer to Estação Brás or also known as Estação Norte, in the central region of the city of São Paulo, operate in the retail mode. To find wholesale parts, the best option is to shop further away.

All in one place

Another tip that can make your life easier is to choose places that offer everything you need in one place.

Visit galleries, malls and shopping centers when you go to the Brás region or on the 25 de Março. This way it’s easier to compare prices, find what you’re looking for quickly and streamline your shopping.

The website dawn fair SP there are several stores that sell over the internet. already in the Lojão do Brás, you can buy by WhatsApp.

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