60 wavy haircuts perfect for you [FOTOS LINDAS]

60 wavy haircuts perfect for you [FOTOS LINDAS]

60 wavy haircuts perfect for you [FOTOS LINDAS]

Victoria Ferreira

Wavy hair requires special care so that the waves have the desired effect. The wavy haircuts must also be chosen carefully so that the waves do not come unraveled, for example.

We’ve separated 60 cuts that will make your waves even more incredible, whether for those who have already taken over the waves or for those who are still in the transition process. Check out:

Cuts for short wavy hair

Short hair is a trend and is very dear to women. He can have different styles to enhance the waves in his hair and make him look amazing.

1. The most suitable technique for cuts for wavy hair is the dry cut

Matthew Silva

2. The joãozinho style is also perfect on wavy hair

Peña Choir

3. Pixie can be an option for those who want to speed up the removal of chemistry

Flávia Santos

4. Valuing volume, the cut leaves the ripples with more movement

Rodrigo Araújo

5. Look at this short one with volume at the ends

Alicia Roddy

6. The short can give new life to your face

Rachel against

7. Layers are great for those who want to give a boost to the waves

Alli Carter

8. You can choose to enhance the front of the hair

luana muriell

9. How about a short model with volume on top?


10. If you prefer a more distributed volume, here’s an inspiration

Rachel Renae Paz

11. This short one with the shaved side is for those who have a lot of style and personality

Vanessa Collins

12. A channel is never wrong

Carol Moreira

13. The peaked cut is also an option

Rachel Renae Paz

14. Short cut with bangs above the eyebrow

Amanda Soares

15. One more fringe

Premium Wazzala

16. Another short fringe model

Vanessa Collins

17. Wavy hair can gain more movement

Kah François

18. Practical and fashion: the short is super versatile

Deyze Kelly

19. Look how incredible this cut in the “deva cut” technique, which is the dry cut

Vanessa Collins

20. It makes you want to cut it, isn’t it?

Dani Oliveira

Short wavy hair is versatile and can bring lightness to the waves, enhancing the shape of the strands.

Cuts for medium wavy hair

These ideas are for those who prefer medium hair length. It’s a way to keep the cut up to date, without taking too much of the locks.

21. A medium cut can enhance your face shape

Rodrigo Araújo

22. And give new movement to the waves

Renata Correa

23. Bet to make your hair lighter and look more modern

Dani Oliveira

24. Layers are a great choice for 2B haircuts

Ana Paula

25. After all, hair curves are valued

Kah François

26. Look how natural this cut was for the ripples!


27. The long bob is already a classic

Cristiéle Martins

28. A medium cut is perfect for those who are transitioning but don’t want to go extreme

tuty hair

29. Volume, volume and more volume

alice dowry

30. The smoothest curls are super styled at this length

Natalia of the Lights

31. Who said that medium hair is dull?

Bruna Miragaya

32. Allow yourself to discover your best version

Gabriela Mayer

33. The more layer the better!

luana muriell

34. Wavy hair with bangs? Maybe yes!

Salcedo salt

35. Look at this 2A wavy haircut

Talita Eivian

36. By fraying the ends you get an extra move

Ana Clara Costa

37. Color + cut = a way to enhance waves

Claudia Letícia

38. Be it with not very defined waves…

tuty hair

39. …or with a lot of definition

Nadya El Ninis

40. What matters is loving your hair!

Claudia Letícia

The cuts are amazing, aren’t they? Valuing waves, giving volume and lots of movement to the hair are the results of a well-chosen cut. Play in medium!

Cuts for long wavy hair

These inspirations are for those who want to give a new look to their hair, but maintain the length of the locks. Look that:

41. Long, wavy hair is pure charm


42. To add volume to the hair, a layered cut is ideal

Marine Letuve

43. The heavier the threads, the more distributed the volume is


44. Who said that long hair doesn’t go with more mature faces?


45. A well-cut hair, maintaining the length, helps with the health of the strands

Rachel Lima

46. ​​An above-the-eyebrow bangs option for long wavy hair

Rodrigo Araújo

47. But the cut thrown aside is also a luxury


48. For those with a round face, a disjointed cut is a good thing


49. The “V” cut is also nice for long wavy hair

Laura Roxanna

50. Another example of a “V” cut


51. There are those who prefer to opt for a more rock style

Marlee Valdes

52. A clean cut is essential for healthy hair


53. Look at the lightness of these ripples!

Flávia Santos

54. This 2B long wavy haircut is amazing

Ninja Machete

55. Long hair can also be super light

Alis Marich

56. Put all your style into choosing your cut

Encino colorist

57. 2A hair looks beautiful with bangs


58. Clean cut and intense color make for a powerful look

Duda Guimaraes

59. Light layers to enhance the shape of the yarns

Flávia Santos

60. What matters is to let your ripples free

Just from art by maggie

These models of long wavy haircuts are amazing, aren’t they? They are inspirations to make the hair the same length, but give that movement to the waves.

Did you like the tips? Did you choose which cut you are going to make? Whatever it is, try to know your hair type and choose a professional who knows how to treat it properly. This way you will have even more powerful wavy hair!

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