60 options with reflections and self

Image shows self-love phrases

60 options with reflections and self-love

At phrases for the profile picture they can tell you a lot about who you are, how you see life, and what your plans are. They work as a business card for social networks and seek to strengthen self-love and self-knowledge.

We’ve selected 60 options to hit the nail on the head. They can also be used for personal reading, sharing on WhatsApp and turning captions on multiple clicks. Check out!

What to write in the profile picture?

Take a moment and think carefully about how you would like to present yourself. What would you like to reveal to those who visit your profile? Among the main bets are self-worth, gratitude and overcoming difficulties.

1 – Loving me completely.


2 – There is an emptiness that only fills with a little more of itself.

3 – Make yourself your best company.

4 – “Peace is not what we find in a place without noise, without problems, without hard work, but what allows us to keep our hearts calm, even in the midst of the most adverse situations. This is its true and only meaning.” (Paulo Coelho)

5 – May the goal be happiness and not perfection.

6 – What’s different about you is what’s most beautiful.

7 – I deliver, trust, accept and thank.


8 – Be yourself. All others already exist.

9 – Don’t let the fear of making a mistake stop you from fighting.

10 – Always try to remember your strength, as it lives only in you. Never lose faith in yourself.

11 – Let it be sweet. The day, life and soul.

12 – The more we say thanks, the more good things happen.


13 – She took a shitload of self-esteem and the hangover was smiles.

14 – Be the best version of yourself.

15 – Complaining less, thanking more.


16 – Love yourself. Accept yourself. Take care of yourself. Self love at first place.

17 – After I sailed into self-love, I never again foundered on shallow feelings.

Image shows self-love phrases

(Photo: Malu Pires/Disclosure)

18 – Be you, for you, for you.

19 – Anyway, go with your soul.

20 – Gratitude is when the soul says thank you.

21 – Too full to be a half.

22 – In constant transformation.

23 – Cultivate yourself every day.

24 – The ability to overcome is defined by self-love.


What to write in a photo alone?

25 – Here the vibe is good.

26 – The best makeup is the smile on the face.

27 – When the heart is sunny, every season is summer.

28 – Our best side is the inside.

29 – The most beautiful smile is the one that comes from nowhere. Loose, free and sincere.


30 – Good things come with time. The best, all of a sudden.

31 – No matter the color of the sky, who makes the day beautiful is you.

32 – From light to light, I became my sun.

33 – It is in the small achievements of life that we remember to smile.

34 – May dreams take you to where the heart is happy.


Tumblr Profile Picture Phrases

35 – Living happily and free from patterns.

36 – Don’t be an option, be a priority.

37 – Practice the law of I love me and be a whole flower.

38 – “Whoever tries to possess a flower will see its beauty withering. But whoever just looks at a flower in a field will remain with it forever. You’ll never be mine and that’s why I’ll have you forever.” (Paulo Coelho)

39 – “You, your being, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserves his love and affection.” (Buddha)

40 – Regardless of what you’re feeling, get up, get dressed and go out to shine.

41 – “Being beautiful means being yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)

42 – “We go around the world in search of our dreams and ideals. We often put in inaccessible places what is within reach.” (Paulo Coelho)


43 – “Whoever looks outside dreams. Whoever looks inside wakes up” (Carl Jung)

44 – Live simply, dream big, be grateful, give love, laugh a lot.

Phrases for profile picture with music

45 – “There are flowers in everything I see.” (Titans)

46 – “I just want the light of life.” (Ana Vitoria)

Image shows caption for photo alone

(Photo: Malu Pires/Disclosure)

47 – “Nothing that I was wears me now.” (Maria Gadu)

48 – “I’m fine with my life.” (Natiruts)


49 – “Because God made me like this, mistress of me.” (Iza)

50 – “Whoever feels with his soul is capable of loving.” (Natiruts)


51 – “I’ll go back to the past and write it all over again.” (Matuê)

52 – “May the beautiful flower dance, spinning around, dreaming of love, no pain, flower love.” (Maria Gadu)

53 – “Living is better than dreaming.” (Elis Regina)


54 – “To live and not be ashamed to be happy.” (Gonzaguinha)

55 – “I love myself, I can’t live without me anymore!” (Outrage to Rigor)

56 – “Better live, my dear, because there is a place where the sun shines for you.” (Marcelo Jeneci)

57 – “Wherever I go, I will be light.” (Natiruts)

58 – “One fine day I decided to change and do everything I wanted to do.” (Rita Lee)

59 – “Away from me nothing makes sense anymore, for all my life I want to be with me.” (Outrage to Rigor)

60 – “You will laugh, without realizing it. Happiness is just a matter of being.” (Marcelo Jeneci)


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