6 Simple and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

learn to do simple and easy halloween makeup, like a witch

6 Simple and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

learn to do simple and easy halloween makeup, like a witch

Whoever loves makeup, always waits for the arrival of Halloween! After all, the makeup is super neat and every year there are many new ideas on the internet.

But you don’t have to be a pro to create the perfect look for Halloween.

Check out simple and easy Halloween makeup ideas for you to perfect your look, perfectly complementing your costume! Let’s start:

Simple and Easy Halloween Makeup: Rogue

Vampire makeup is a Halloween classic. To do this, you need to make the skin look pale and invest in details like fake blood. Fortunately, it is very simple to make it at home even with common ingredients.

Check out the vampire make tutorial from Maju Amaral and follow the step by step below:

How to prepare fake blood: mix 1 teaspoon coffee, 2 teaspoons honey and add powdered red food coloring.

Step 1: Start by correcting the eyebrow, making it more arched for a more mysterious look. Correct with your eyeshadow or pencil, as per your preference and custom. Also use the concealer to make it even more demarcated, giving the desired arched shape.

Step 2: for skin preparation, start by applying primer all over the face. To give a paler look, use a foundation a little lighter than your skin tone. To further intensify the paleness of the entire face, apply a high coverage concealer.

Step 3: Then make a light, angled outline towards the chin to give the face a thinner look.

Step 4: Use a whiter translucent powder to seal your face’s illuminated area. Do this more intensely on the innermost areas of the face and lighter on the shaded parts.

Step 5: For the eyes, choose darker colors, drawn towards reds and purples, to make a rounded smoky. Then use a gel eyeliner to make a black tuxedo eyes in the eye.

Put the black shadow on the eye and use a small brush. With a softer brush, take a black eye shadow again to seal the entire eye in a smoky way.

Step 6: With a gel eyeliner, pout the inner corners of your eyes. With the same eyeliner, make your waterline slightly smudging the lower lashes.

Then use a pencil to intensify the black under the eyes. Intensify the smoky even more with a pencil brush, going a little lower.

Step 7: Take a more purplish shade to make the vampire dark circles. Do this in circular motions smoowing the undersides of the eyes. Use the same dark pink and purplish eyeshadow to mark the cheek. Go over the location indicated in step 3.

Step 8: Take a very thin brush to draw vampire veins with gel eyeliner. You can dilute it a little to make it easier to rub on the skin. Draw the veins without so much force in not-so-standard movements. Use dark purple eyeshadow to blend above the designs to give a more natural effect.

Step 9: With a burgundy lipstick, draw your mouth into a well-rounded shape. Then use a purple lipstick on the corners of the mouth and use your finger to blend the two tones well.

Step 10: Finish by spreading the fake blood any way you want. Use in the corners of the mouth, for example!

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Simple and Easy Halloween Makeup: Witch

The owner of Halloween could not be missing from our list. Making witch makeup for Halloween is simple and easy. You will have little work and still wear a makeup with very beautiful details.

Check out the witch make tutorial from Kim RosaCuca and follow the step by step:

Step 1: Start by spraying your face with a fixative spray (available in kimakecosmeticos) to make your makeup last longer. Make your eyebrows in a well arched shape using eyeshadow and brush.

Then outline it with a concealer to make the shape even more marked. Take the opportunity and apply the same concealer on your eyelid to make it look even.

Step 2: With purple eyeshadow, make three dots on your eyelid: one on the outside, one on top, and one on the inside. Turn them on and give them a smoke to start the second layer. Use a small, round brush with a little shadow to blur, removing all the markings.

Step 3: With the same brush, choose a shade more pink to apply a little above the smoky part. The idea is that you get 3 color tones: purple below, pink above and a mixture of the two tones in the central region.

To make a very black smoky on the eyelid, use a matte lipstick. Apply illuminator (available in carolinaemily) in the corner of the eye and hit.

Step 4: Do the same procedure on the lower part of the eyes. Start by smudging with purple eyeshadow from the tip of the eye until a little past halfway through. Make the layer pink lower and larger.

Step 5: Spread the foundation on your face using a brush and use a sponge to lightly tap it so that everything is very smooth on the skin. Run a clear concealer under the eyes to give them a light. With the same sponge, apply a good amount of loose powder in the area below the eyes. With a large brush, apply powder all over the skin to seal well.

Step 6: Contour the sides to thin the face and apply the illuminator.

Step 7: To make the typical witch details, take an eyeliner brush (available at and draw a line in the middle of the nose.

Then make the center of the line thicker and the ends thinner. Make a ball under each eye and draw an inverted moon on the forehead and a triangle just above. But calm down, do this process carefully so there is no danger of making mistakes.

Step 8: Apply a purple lipstick evenly over the entire mouth. Then, apply a black lipstick on the inside of the lips, leaving it smoky between the two colors. Make a few more details with eyeliner close to the mouth as you prefer.

Step 9: Now just put on your false eyelashes and you’re ready!

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Simple and Easy Halloween Makeup: Diaba

Devil makeup is one of the simplest for Halloween. You will need red lipstick to perform it accordingly.

Check out the devil make tutorial from Daiana Fitzner and follow the step by step:

Step 1: Do your eyebrow and skin makeup normally, the way you always do. Take a concealer and fill the entire mobile eyelid, tap it with the sponge. With a banana powder, pour over and seal.

Step 2: With a shimmering red shadow and a wide brush, fill in the entire concave region. Make a mark and start to smoke upwards with a circular motion. Do this procedure gradually, using a little shadow and filling the entire fixed eyelid region.

Step 3: Apply a matte red lipstick in the area of ​​the mobile eyelid and up to the concave area with circular movements.

Step 4: With a liquid eyeliner, finish starting from the inside of the eyes to the external lashes.

Step 5: Still with the eyeliner, draw a line starting from the end of the upper lashes until close to the eyebrows.

Step 6: With an illuminating gel eye shadow (available at and apply below the outline marking. Do the same procedure close to the eyebrow to lighten the area. Also apply some of this shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. It’s going to be a blast!

Step 7: Apply banana powder to the area below the eyes to make it very clear. Then, apply some lipstick under the eyes with a brush making back and forth movements.

You can add some nude pencil as well and spread it out with a brush making back and forth motions again. Finish with a shimmering eyeshadow for the smoky effect.

Step 8: To finish the makeup, finish with contour and apply red lipstick on your mouth. Super simple, right?

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Simple and Easy Halloween Makeup: Pennywise (IT, the Thing)

One of the most terrifying characters in cinemas in recent times has been a constant presence in recent Halloweens. The Pennywise Clown from the IT movie, the Thing is in high demand and his makeup is relatively simple to do. Come on?

Check out the clown make tutorial from Gabriela Capone and follow the step by step:

Step 1: Apply the primer to make the skin more velvety. Then, apply the base of the lightest color you have so that the clown makeup is very white.

Step 2: Also apply foundation a little on the neck so you don’t get a weird split. Use white concealer and also an artistic white pancake (available from deisaso) to complete the pale look.

Step 3: Make a light outline with bronzer. Then make your eyebrows red to match Pennywise’s hair. For a complete look, wear yellow contact lenses.

Step 4: To start doing the eyes, use the same eye shadow color. Smudge the entire concave region, getting very close to the eyebrow. You will make a gradient, with the hollow bone being the region with the strongest color. Use a very fluffy brush to give the effect and do the same procedures on the lower eyelid.

Step 5: Put black pencil on the waterline. To blur the line, use a black shadow with a beveled brush. This will make the smoky effect more pleasant.

Step 6: Put black pencil on the mobile eyelid and a primer to fix the product. Then, apply the eyeshadow making the movement of squeezing against the eyelid, so the region will be very dark to provide a contrast.

Step 7: Fade the split region with the red shadow to create a gradient effect. Make a black outline without pulling the kitten and apply the eyelash mask. Finally, put on the false eyelashes.

Step 8: On lips, apply burgundy red lipstick (available from nyc_cosméticos) with a well-defined contour.

Step 9: With a very fine brush, draw a line above the inside of the eyebrows to give an angry expression.

Step 10: Pennywise details will be done with red matte lipstick. Use a very fine brush to make a triangle above each eyebrow.

Step 11:To make the cheek details, first draw with a pencil and then apply lipstick to finish. The design should come out from the middle of your eyes and reach your mouth making a slight curve in your cheeks.

Step 12: With the same lipstick, draw the clown nose at the bottom, right in the nostrils.

Step 13: For a touch of glamour, apply a lot of illuminator with a wet brush. Put red glitter on the designs using a fixative. First use a brush with the fixative and then another with the glitter, without mixing them.

There, your IT Pennywise makeup is done! Now all you have to do is put on the red wig of your choice and complete the look!

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Simple and Easy Halloween Makeup: Zombie

Zumbi’s makeup also needs to be a little paler, but it has amazing details that give it a special touch. It’s going to look like you’ve been hanging around for days and accumulating some bruises.

Check out the clown make tutorial…

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