6 reasons not to spend a lot of time in transition and get BC soon

6-reasons-for-not-spending-too much-time-in-transition-and-doing-o-bc

6 reasons not to spend a lot of time in transition and get BC soon

Transition is a tedious and time-consuming phase. Lie. It is a boring and time-consuming phase if you he wants let her be like that. YES the choice is your!

I notice many girls who spend months and even years transitioning, meaning waiting for their hair to change. The almost unanimous reason (I didn’t just put it unanimously to leave a margin for error) is simple: fear of getting a haircut, of not feeling accepted, of not being feminine, of feeling ugly. I’ve already commented in the post “10 things that every curly girl needs to know” that we left a dictatorship, but entered another: the one with long hair.

Do not get me wrong. You can do whatever you want with your hair, but I’d like to give you some reasons to stop and think about whether or not to BC. If you really don’t want to know them and are decided to wait for the root to grow (and turn into a tip) to cut the smoothed part, you can go on the blog. We have a lot of tips, reviews, recipes and even tips for hair growing 🙂 But if you want to see it, come with an open heart, because they are not impositions, they are not rules, they are tips of those who have already gone through this phase and answer questions about transition on a daily basis 🙂

6-reasons-for-not-spending-too much-time-in-transition-and-doing-o-bc

1- Life is too short to spend so much time in transition

Too short. Two years doesn’t seem like anything today or when we go through day after day, but it’s a lot when we look back and see that we could have done differently. I spent 6 months in transition (not even knowing I was, as I told you in “Why are you so afraid of BC anyway?) with my hair up and a flat iron. Today I look at the photos and realize how much time I lost with ugly hair.

2- Life is too short to not have short hair

Not many people know, but when I was little I wanted to be an actress. I always liked creating characters in my head, imagining myself being a blonde, a brunette, a redhead, rich, poor, at Disney, doing Safari, a doctor, a teacher, an actress. And I ended up bringing it to my real life, you know? I believe that everything is experiences that shape who we are, that build us and make us culturally richer people. And what does short hair have to do with it? For me, everything. And if you want some advice, don’t go through your life without knowing what it’s like, the wind blowing the back of your head, the water running in the bath and refreshing you, much less without giving a message to society: I’m beautiful, feminine and I have hair I enjoy. And there?

3- Life is too short to spend so much money buying hair care products that you don’t own

One of the things I learned in the transition that transformed my self-acceptance was taking care of my hair. Is there anything better than spending hours in the perfumery choosing the products? Exchanging figurines with other curls, making crazy hair mixes? I love! I learned this in transition and take it with me. I’m a little lazy, I confess. I don’t follow the hairline schedule literally because I’ve already learned which stage of the schedule my hair needs. But the question I want to raise here is: do you know that the mask you bought not will recover the straightened strands, right? And you know your straightened hair will have to be cut sooner or later, bit by bit or straight forward, right? Now think about how much product you’re wasting on hair that goes to the garbage can. Now open your closet and make a basic content there to see how much money you’re throwing away. 😉

4- Life is too short for you to have two hair textures

Let me tell you a secret. Do you know the most difficult phase of the transition? It’s the one that your root turned into hair length. You’re fed up with texturing and you’ve already learned that flat irons will only dry out that new, natural hair of yours. You already understand that if you decided to enter the transition, it is because you chose to no longer “open the curls”, “download the root”, “remove the volume”. And then the business catches on. And the first will that comes, what is it? To give up! Thinking none of this makes sense. If you’re at this stage, here’s my advice: run to the hairdresser and get a cut. Before you run out to smooth and throw away months of transition!

5- Life is too short to texture your hair every day

Sleeping with coconuts in your hair? Wake up 3 hours early to get it ready? Flat iron (don’t do it, seriously, own experience)? Living with your hair up? Honestly, I didn’t “need” to texture because when I went through the transition I didn’t even know it existed (I didn’t even know that going without straightening to go back to natural had a name), BUT in more than a year of Cacheia (<3) I talked to so many transients that I noticed a fact: in the beginning the texturing is beautiful, everyone has fun testing new ones, watching videos, following CC, but then it gets tired. It's tired to wake up earlier, it's tired trying to change the texture of a hair that's chemically and will return to normal as soon as it gets wet. Tired. Now do the same contained in the money that went down the drain with products here. How much time did you waste in this game? And what could you have done? Maybe starting that gym you've been promising for a while or taking an English class. To sleep. Dancing until daybreak. To live :)

6- Life is too short for you not to be yourself

When we enter transition, we are willing to go back to our natural state. Obviously, this is not easy. Do you know why? Well, let’s remember why you straightened/chemicaled your hair? Let me guess?

– You didn’t know how to take care of your hair

– You saw another curl on the street and thought “Wow, my hair could be like that, but it doesn’t look so pretty”

– You’ve seen your mother/grandmother/aunt straighten her hair her whole life

– You were told that your hair was too armed

– The cute characters on TV were all plain. The curls that emerged had wide curls and were carefully made with a brush + babyliss (Tip: read I’m not Taylor Swift)

– That cute boy told you he liked girls with straight hair

– They gave you nicknames related to your hair and/or put things in it to show that it “doesn’t fall out”

– You were suggested to arrest him and everything else crazy to take the volume off

– You were told that curly hair was bad hair, pixaim, brisket

– They asked why you didn’t do a progressive to open the curls, lower the volume a little and look “well cared for”

So, do you know what happened? You believed all this. She believed that to be beautiful you needed to have hair other than your own. But then, after so much chemistry, you didn’t see yourself anymore, you saw broken and split ends, lifeless hair, and you decided to try again. But will it go back to the way it was before? Will I learn to care? Will they criticize me?

And that’s why the transition is So important and you must, Yes, go through it. To answer all these questions and feel safe enough to move on. To get to know yourself better, love yourself and transform yourself. And I’m not just talking about the hair 😉

When you realize that it’s all been rebuilt in you, Go ahead! Will be happy with your hair! in your time, but without being a slave to other dictatorships, as I said at the beginning of the text.

Life is too short.

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