6 look ideas for the same outfit

6 look ideas for the same outfit

Lots of closet clothes don’t seem to make sense anymore with the style you want to build and you want to throw it all away. Did we get it right? Calm down, we’ll give you several ideas of looks for the same clothes that are left out there and will be worth much more!

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If right after cleaning the closet from our practical guide (download here!), there was the feeling that what was left is not enough to assemble the looks of your routine, we are here to show you that it is possible to vary the productions with very little!

The first step is to choose a piece you like. Do you know the one you wore so much that acquaintances think it’s your uniform and the wardrobe is already tired of having to wear it so much? Okay, now that you have it in hand, let’s get started:

1. Look ideas for the same outfit: start here

And if you forget which category the piece was classified in, what else can you do with it? For example, will your shirt not work as a skirt if you loosen the first buttons to fit your waist? And the long skirt, has it tasted like a dress?

2. “Onion effect”? Is it to eat?

Onion look is that combination full of layers that you can take off or add over the course of the day, without getting the feeling that something is missing or left over. That’s right what you’re thinking: invest in kimonos, vests and overlays to add something more to this composition.

3. Accessories are key to the issue

Not only clothing items live a look! Sometimes it’s easier than you think: a scarf used as a belt, for example, can make all the difference when it comes to versatilizing this outfit.

4. The fantastic world of colors

Have you noticed that when we get used to a combination of clothes, we hardly test other possibilities for the look? Look carefully at your chosen piece and see if, in addition to black-white-grey, a red doesn’t work with green, or pink with blue… And so on, the possibilities are endless!

5. Focus on finishes

Take a good look at the look you already have and think about the final details of this “picture you are creating”. Sometimes folding the bottom of the pants, knotting the end of the shirt or even loosening a button, it makes all the difference!

6. Final trick to diversify looks for the same outfit

It’s a good thing we’re in 2021 and more and more we break with the “can or can’t” lists when it comes to getting dressed. In other words, get that creativity out and look at everything you have in your closet as a possible composition! Could it be that dressed in pants can? He can! What about overlapping necklaces? Also? Blouse + dress, is it? Why not?

Isa Arashiro, styling from the Clothingteca, chose one of her favorite pieces of clothing from the collection to give you 6 look ideas to enjoy the same piece of clothing! Then press play to check it out!

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