6 errors and 11 correct answers

6 errors and 11 correct answers

6 errors and 11 correct answers

Graduation is the end of an important stage in people’s lives, whether it is the end of high school, a course or higher education. It’s a memory you’ll take forever in your memory. To help you have only good memories of this moment we will help you with some makeup tips for graduation.

In addition to the make, it is necessary to pay attention to some details such as clothes, graduation hairstyle, shoe, accessories and more. And in the rush of choosing all this in time and making good decisions, some details, especially regarding makeup, can pass.

But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here, to help you not overlook any details. Want to know the 6 most common makeup mistakes and learn valuable prom makeup tips? Keep reading!

6 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

1. Hire a makeup artist without references

The first graduation makeup tip is to choose a qualified makeup artist to do the makeup is essential for it to look perfect. When the professional has experience, he is able to avoid basic but very common mistakes such as:

  • exaggerate the contour of the face and lips;
  • err on the color of the compact powder or base;
  • incorrectly apply blush, foundation, eyeshadow and other products;
  • apply excess glue to the eyelashes;
  • do not choose an eyeshadow and lipstick color that enhances your skin and eyes;
  • use dirty makeup brushes.

Therefore, the ideal is to ask friends for recommendations or use the internet to your advantage. Currently there are applications that can help you choose a good professional for what you want.

2. Not considering its characteristics

Face shape, skin tone (white, brown or black), hair, eyebrows, mouth shape… all these characteristics influence the makeup result.

It is due to these factors that it can often happen that you want makeup and after making it realize that it did not look as expected, that it did not have the same effect as when you saw it in a model.

Also, it’s important not to forget to take your personality into consideration. It’s no use choosing a beautiful make that doesn’t represent you or is in accordance with your style. A good makeup artist can guide you in all matters.

3. Do not test the make before the day

Imagine the following situation: it’s your graduation day, you’re getting ready for this very special event. So, with everything chosen, hair ready, almost when graduation starts, your makeup is finally done.

Only then do you realize that the make up is not good for you, that you don’t know how to do it the way you would like or that you don’t have all the necessary products to do what you planned for the day.

At a time like this it’s hard not to get desperate not knowing what to do, after all, there’s no time to redo your makeup, as you need to be on time to put on your gown, take pictures with your family and friends, etc.

To prevent this situation from happening, it is essential to test your make up a few days before graduation. That way you can avoid the lack of essential makeup products, lack of practice and be sure you’ll like it.

4. Use low quality products

Our fourth prom makeup tip is about product quality. It directly impacts the result of the makeup, as they can have reduced fixation and duration, give an appearance of poor finishing, cause pimples, among several other problems.

In addition, buying unfamiliar and poor quality products represents a risk to your health, as they can cause allergies and irritation to the skin and eyes, which can leave you red, itchy and even stained.

All of this could result in disaster and I’m sure you don’t want this as much for your graduation day as any other.

But make no mistake, the low-priced products are not always those of poor quality. There are several well-known brands that have affordable prices and there are also those that, because they are no longer known, mean they are bad. Therefore, always research a brand name before buying.

5. Ignore skin care

To know exactly how to prepare and take care of the skin Before starting makeup, it is important to know what your skin type is.

For example, if your skin is dry, it will be necessary to hydrate it and drink a lot of water to avoid that when you apply the foundation and the compact powder, they enhance the dry appearance, leaving it with an unnatural look and a bad appearance.

If your skin type is oily, the ideal is to do a good cleaning before using the products, preventing too shiny skin and the appearance of “melted” makeup that will be all over before half of the photos.

A makeup tip for graduation in this case are the oil free products and never forget to use the primer to prepare the skin before applying the makeup.

6. Forgetting to match makeup with dress and accessories

The ideal is to decide the makeup only after choosing the graduation dress, hairstyle and accessories. If possible, assemble the makeup of the look when you do the makeup test a few days before graduation.

This way you can avoid overloading the look with a very eye-catching makeup combined with various accessories and be sure that it will look exactly as you want.

In case you’re not satisfied with the combination of makeup with the rest, you’ll still have time to change your mind and choose one that looks even better with the accessories, color and model of the dress and everything else.

Prom Makeup Tips

  1. Bring out the natural contours of your face with makeup;
  2. Choose products designed to last;
  3. Don’t forget the blush;
  4. Choose neutral makeup with some standout – eyes or mouth;
  5. Use a little more powder than usual;
  6. Make sure your lips are moisturized;
  7. Don’t forget to do your nails;
  8. Choose a waterproof eyelash mask option;
  9. Lighten up! For photos, use the illuminator on the sides of the face and avoid the central areas;
  10. Makeup in nude tones works for all skin tones;
  11. Last but not least, light up the inner corner of your eye to open your eyes to wonderful photos!

Now that you know the main mistakes and makeup tips for graduation, it is possible to make your graduation look perfect, without possible unforeseen events and making your makeup last longer and look great in the photos.

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