50 phrases for Instagram photo and tips for posting

sentences for instagram

50 phrases for Instagram photo and tips for posting

I made a selection of photo phrases on Instagram to inspire you to give your captions a boost.

Anyone who is a traveler knows that a beautiful landscape or that photo alone (o) in a breathtaking setting really deserves a phrase that translates the moment.

However, I confess that sometimes I feel that the words don’t even come close to the beauty of the place… even so you can write a good reflection using the right sentences.

After all, living is something so incredible that it’s almost impossible not to want to share your best moments on social media, whether traveling far away or inside yourself.

Therefore, See the best short and long sentences for photo on Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr smiling, thoughtfully or to unforgettable places.

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Photo phrases on Instagram

The most beautiful people I know dress only themselves!

  • Be the very reason for your happiness.

  • He decided to follow the light of his love and today he doesn’t suffer from the shadows of others.

  • Make your smile your own ray of sunshine: light up.

  • Courage to dress up who you are.

  • Life is about who you become on this walk!
    sentences for instagram
    Don’t notice the mess… Life pulsates around here. Here, life goes by!

  • Between comings and goings I decided to live in my self-love.

  • You and your tireless mania to, despite everything, always flourish!

  • Treasure every bit of who you are.

  • Beautiful is the soul that collects scars, but prefers to spread love!

  • And if the key to happiness is to leave the door open?
    caption for single photos with lyrics Photo phrases on Instagram
    She is like this: Dreamy, determined, resilient. Full of faith!

  • Life is only a burden for those who are not lighthearted!

  • We find the path to happiness when we give up the shortcuts that end up slowing us down.

  • I have a soul that is made of dreams.

  • Because I am the size of what I feel, what I see and what I do, not the size that people see me.

  • I learned that sometimes it’s better to be happy than to be right.
    photo phrases alone thoughtful
    I live now! I have no other plans.

  • Sometimes you have to be empty-handed to hold something new!

  • In these times of hate, better to walk beloved!

  • It is always different what the soul feels.

  • Abstracting is smarter than judging!!

  • Life begins when we decide to stop pleasing the audience.
    caption for family travel photos
    Living in fear is living halfway.

  • You will be judged anyway, so be yourself!

  • Don’t accumulate silences. Sometimes screaming is good for the heart!

  • Life belongs to those who dare to live!

  • Do not seek to be someone of success, but someone of value.

  • Silent people have the noisiest minds.
    captions for tumblr photos Photo phrases on Instagram
    A person far beyond what you see here

  • To be irreplaceable you must always be different.

  • Just be yourself, there’s no one better.

  • Living is not waiting for the storm to pass. It’s learning to dance in the rain.[/highlight

  • [highlight color=”yellow”]don’t confuse my goodness with weakness.
  • Because I always faced my challenges, today I feel proud in the reflection of my face.
    phrases for facebook about life Photo phrases on Instagram
    I’ll never stop showing my smile whenever I’m dying of happiness!

  • Because if you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing!

  • May you never lack brightness in your eyes!

  • Never miss the smile that brings life to your face and peace to your soul.

  • We are so passengers that we are not, we are.

  • The world turns and always puts everything in place. It’s just a matter of time.
    short facebook phrases
    Your happiness does not depend on anyone but you.

  • May this gratitude remain in me for each morning that is born!

  • Never hide behind the fear of taking risks!

  • The more I think, the more I prefer to feel…

  • Free yourself from everything that prevents you from being happy!

  • Sincere smiles move the world!

  • Giving up on a dream is offending life.

  • Discredit anyone but yourself!

    Got more cute phrases for Instagram photos? Leave it in the comments!

    Until + !!!

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