50 Love Song Phrases to declare or use in status

I loved see you

50 Love Song Phrases to declare or use in status

Every day is a day to listen to love music. Whether it’s to remember a love that has passed, to think of the loved one, to honor someone special, everyone has their moments of emotion with romantic lyrics.

And when music stays in your head and doesn’t come out anymore? One of the solutions is to move on to the next, and to the next and to the next. We selected some excerpts and phrases from romantic songs that express very well what is the most beautiful feeling in the world!

Romantic song phrases to use in Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram status

Need update your status or caption that photo with a romantic phrase? Don’t worry: there’s no shortage of love music to express what your heart feels.

My smile is so happy with you
My best friend is my love…

Old Childhood – Marisa Monte

because a scraped knee
It hurts a lot less than a broken heart

Once Upon a Time – Kell Smith

Freeze your gaze on mine
Hide that you already noticed
that all my love is your love

Stay – Anavitória (Part. Matheus & Kauan)

I loved see you

the heart races
stumbles, almost stops
I loved see you

I loved seeing you – Tiago Iorc

Today no one will spoil my day,

I’m just going to spend energy to kiss your mouth

Blue Sky – Charlie Brown Jr.

And I think I really like you… just the way you are!

Pitty – Equalize

is you who is
the man of mine
my great love of my life

It’s You Who Has- Mallu Magalhães

If I didn't love you that much

If I didn’t love you that much
maybe i didn’t see flowers
where i saw
Inside my heart

If I Didn’t Love You That Much – Ivete Sangalo

Sertaneja love song phrases

Hello, suffering! Nothing like a good countryman to talk about love, right? It mixes passion, longing, and a lot of things that only those who like singing know.

Yeah, and when I kissed you
It was better than I imagined
If I knew I would have done it before
Deep down we were always good lovers

Fear Bobo – Maiara and Maraisa

It was love before it was
It was yours before yes
It was us before I could choose
I found you and got lost
I allowed it to happen, it happened without warning
what is love

Henrique and Juliano – Life

Forever with you

We met a short time ago
But we are already talking about marriage
I’m taking a serious risk
to live with you forever

Forever with you – Jorge and Mateus

resolves this impasse
And take it over for us, this crazy passion
hug me and kiss me
that I take care of you

Impasse – Marília Mendonça (Part. Henrique and Juliano)

So many smiles out there, you wanting mine
So many looks looking at me and I wanting yours
I don’t doubt that it wasn’t by chance
If love knocks on our door, how lucky are we?

Lucky for us – Matheus and Kauan

Dream with Me

Your love was always so much more
what i dreamed for me
Always more than I deserved
think straight before sleep
And dream about me

Dream with Me – Zé Neto and Cristiano

And close to each other, life is different
loneliness gives way to the love that was absent,
who looks there’s no way to doubt now
the strength of the passion you have
Two hearts and a story…

Two Hearts and One History – Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano

I still taste your kiss
I feel your body glued to mine
And my hands sweating with desire
Time goes by and I love you more
loves and passions
you are my peace
you in the heart love you in secret

Girl – Gustavvo Lima

Everything you want

I exchange my peace for a kiss from you
I change my destiny to live yours
I change my bed to sleep in yours
I exchange a thousand stars to give you the moon
and whatever you want
And if you want I’ll give you my last name

Anything You Want – Luan Santana

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Romantic Pagoda Songs Phrases

that pagoda to remember the good times, or rekindling emotions that are still inside you, just don’t know how to get out. We help you!

I think we fell in love
And our kiss addicted me
It seems that we are already dependent on each other
This is Love

Dependent – Mischievous Smile

And however much you leave me in the future
It’s worth the risk, I swear, I’ve never loved anyone like that
Even you bad is good for me

Cold War – Sorriso Maroto (Part. Jorge and Matheus)


Thankfully I found you
now i’m happier
the same doesn’t have
treat me well
the way i always wanted

Thankfully – Thiaguinho

I figured it was just any hobby
an adventure of love,
But my heart deceived me
And now my world is your world
your body in my body is one
It’s a bigger feeling.

How I Never Loved Nobody – ExaltaSamba

radiant heart

My heart is radiant,
Beats happily I think it’s love,
When I see you, I dream.

Radiant Heart – Revelation Group

Listen to what I have to tell you, baby
A love so beautiful like you don’t have
I will protect you with my feeling
The scent of our love will be suspended in the air…

Sweet Passion – Black Race

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Romantic gospel song phrases

For many couples, love is divine blessing and without that, nothing works. If you’re part of this group, you’ll love this selection of gospel love song phrases we made.

give me a chance i can show you
That my love won’t hurt you
And all I want most in this life is you
What we feel can’t be hidden
And it will never end
believe me believe us again

I know it’s you – Eleven: 20

Today I thought so much about the two of us
That I couldn’t leave it for later
And I came here just to say
That I’m crazy about you.

Just A Love Song – Rose of Saron

Glad you came

I feel so loved, it feels good
To people’s hearts when there is
someone to share a great love
Like the morning breeze, so you arrived

Glad You’ve Arrived – Bruna Karla

Only you own my heart
reason that causes my emotion
The logic of my great love is you
Only you to fill my song
Piano and voice was just a question.
What I really wanted is to have your attention just for me

Only You – Anderson Freire

And spend the time that passes
my love was made to last
Amid the thorns, I pass along with you
I love you more than I can describe.

Everything I dreamed of – Cristina Mel

God confirmed

I rested in God, I trusted
And He blessed our love
It was worth waiting for you
Just a word from the Lord
for my heart to understand
that God’s time has come for us

God Confirmed – Anderson Freire and Aline Barros

Excerpts from love songs for boyfriend

to put in caption of that couple photo or send to your great love, how about a snippet of a passionate song?

I saw it was love when I found you in me and got lost in you.

Two Hearts – Melin

My love will not be temporary I'll love you from January to January Until the world ends From January to January - Nando Reis

My love won’t be temporary
I will love you from January to January
Until the world ends

From January to January – Nando Reis

And away from you is everything more or less.
If I win the world without you I’m losing

Magic – Matheus and Kauan

Date me because when I go out I know you cry
And stay at home just counting the hours
Complain about the time it takes
open your arms come and date me

Dating Me – Natiruts

where have i been
While you were looking for me?

Where I’ve Been – Nando Reis

International love song phrases (with translation)

Passion knows no barriers and you can declare yourself in multiple languages! Check out the loveliest songs from gringa (with translations) and share it with someone very special!

Heaven is a place on earth with you.  (Heaven is a place on earth with you.) Video Games - Lana Del Rey

Heaven is a place on earth with you.

(Heaven is a place on earth with you.)

Video Games – Lana Del Rey

You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
‘Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you

(you are my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
because i give you my all
And you give me all of you)

All of Me – John Legend

And when you smile
The whole world stops and stars for a while
‘Cause girl you’re amazing
just the way you are

(and when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Yeah girl you are amazing
Exactly how you are)

Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Take my hand, take my whole life too.
For I can’t help falling in love with you.

(Take my hand, take my whole life too.
Because I can’t help but fall in love with you.)

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
place your head on my beating heart
i’m thinking out loud
maybe we found love right where we are

(kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
put your head in my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are)

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Remember! Old love song phrases

The history of national music is full of wonderful love songs that already part of our lives. We’ve gathered some that continue to be successful among lovers of various generations:

My happiness is dreaming In my girlfriend's eyes It's like tonight, passing, passing In search of the dawn Happiness - Vinicius de Moraes

my happiness is dreaming
in my girlfriend’s eyes
It’s like tonight, passing, passing
in search of the dawn

Happiness – Vinicius de Moraes

Love of my life, from here to eternity.
Our destinies were traced in maternity

Exaggerated – Cazuza

Your body is light, seduction!
Divine poem full of splendor!
Your warm, inebriated smile makes you dizzy!
You’re fascination, love!

Fascination – Elis Regina

And even those who see me reading the newspaper
In the bread line, you know I found you
And no one will say it’s too late
which is so different
Only we know about our love, babe

Last Novel – Los Hermanos

I’m your girl, ok? And he is my boy.
My body bears witness to the good it does me.

My Love – Chico Buarque

Rap phrases to declare your love

What we feel for someone can be stated in various ways and through various rhythms. If you love national rap and are looking for some rhymes to impress your love, he thought:

first of all i love you
Sorry to rush but
I was choked, I had to vent

The Wind – Project

oh my beautiful
I love you
Oh my God
How I want you
Wherever I go
you know it’s sincere

How I Want You – Black Alien

I have you around Never felt so complete Never felt so safe I lose my fear of the end of the world Plans - BK'

I have you around
I never felt so complete
I never felt so safe
I lose the fear of the end of the world

Plans – BK’

I like her so much,
To the point of wanting ‘it’s close, that’s it
There’s no other way to see me smile
Its effect is crazy here

I like her – Emicida

outside the world collapses
The evil of the world made you tough
I love you more than I love myself, I know it’s cheesy
Love is a journey, thanks for the ride.

Tao Moleque – Project

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